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By Jordin Kee - http://www.keeweed.com/keegames/

Info: This game is still not finished, because I'm still looking for a level designer. Are you (a little bit) experienced with GameMaker and do you like to create levels? Please help me out!

As you can see on the screenshots Arabian Nights is a Prince of Persia clone. I think you'll remember that late nights trying to jump over that spikes, witch turned you into death a couple of times. Well, that time is coming back!

I'm not just a regular Prince of Persia player, I'm a big fan of it!!! And because I'm pretty handy with Gamemaker, I decided to make a Prince of Persia clone. This game is a mix of Prince of Persia 1 and Prince of Persia 2: "The shadow and the flame".

If you are a Graphic designer/sprite artist, please e-mail me at

A playable demo version is finished and ready to download, for free of course...

Official page: http://www.geocities.com/scheithoop007/arabian_nights.html


Arabian Nights (demo) by Jordin Kee
Size: 1.8 MB
Made with Gamemaker
Stand alone: Download, unzip and play!
Click here to download the game.

New download links are now available:

Download the game: arabiannights.zip (1.72 MB)

Download source codes: ArabianNights_quickstart_v2.zip (1.16 MB)

Download AN2D tutorial (A detailed guide for making new levels for AN2D with GameMaker): creatinglevels.zip (4.11 KB)


Up is to Jump
Down is to pick up stuff (Crouch)
Left and Right: Move
Up+Shift: Hold on
Left+Up: Run Jump
Right+Up: Run Jump
To pass the spikes: Jump over them! That's how to pass it!

Speedrun for Arabian Nights 2D


Written by Maurice Kaltofen.

Level 1
From the start, run down to the hole and fall through it. Now jump over the spikes to your right and get hold of the ledge with the closed door. Drop. Run two screens to the left. Take the sword one screen more to the left, if you want, but that would be ridiculous, because the guards actually don't awake. Anyway, climb up to the highmost level, press the switch and make your way as fast as possible to the other room, because it could be, that the guard really awakes. Here I give you a little hint: You can make a horizontal leap to the ledges and get hold of them. That would help you, making your way fatser through. Anyway, jump over the two pits and climb into the room above you. Climb up the ledges, until you're at the top. jump to the other side, climb up and make your way right. Now, whatever you do: DON'T DRINK THE POTION IN THE SMALL PIT!!! If you do, you won't come up, anymore. Either way, jump over the pit with the potion and the one with the spikes. Climb up on the ledge, jump over to the left, right away over the spikes, now run and jump at the ledge to climb up. Climb up farther, jump right, climb up and run to the left. Don't bother about the door and the potion. Jump over the platforms and down, down, down. In the next room, jump over the small pit and continue. In the next room, climb down LEFT! You'll see the exit, now. Make your way down and go up to finish the level.

There's a shorter way, too, but you won't come over the spikes as your jump is too short:

Level 1 - shorter way
From the start, run down to the hole and fall through it. Now jump over the spikes to your right and get hold of the ledge with the closed door. Drop. From here, go to the right. Jump over the spikes, get hold of the ledge and climb up. Climb one more ledge and jump to the other side. Make your way through the hole and jump to that very small platform. You can drink the potion and get down to take the other way, or try to jump over the spikes. You'll fail, if you try it, as the character can't jump so far.

Note: If you keep pressed [SHIFT] all the time, you'll save time a little bit. And I don't think the movement sucks, the sword sucks! You don't even need it! The guards almost never awake (unless you're as slow as a grandma) and at the 2nd guard, if you're right before the spikes, you can't even shoot!

Known Issues

Sound glitch in Arabian Nights 2D:

After the room with the first guard, climb one screen up, climb at the ledge before the wall spikes, make a horizontal leap to the ledge to the right, grab it, let go and immediately hod shift again. You should hear the character screaming, but he can still get hold of another ledge.
Strange, huh?

Funny bug:

The bug has something to do with the restart button. Just play the game, move to another room on another height, press [R] and you'll know what I mean.

Well, you go back to the room where you started Level 1, only with the same coordinates. i.E. if you move to the room below the start and you're directly above the hole predd [R] so that you return to the starting room, only that you're just falling - through the hole.


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