Family of Prince of Persia fans in crisis mode

Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2015 14:34:42 -0500
From: Konnichiwa (
Subject: Family of Prince of Persia fans in crisis mode

Hi there,

I hope it's not inappropriate that I'm reaching out to you. I'm a fan of Prince of Persia the Jordan Mechner/Ubisoft game and Prince the singer and I'm reaching out to others in the fandoms because I'm a single mom and my network of friends isn't that big.

I worked at Glam Slam Miami around 1997 during Prince's Jam of the Year tour when the club was briefly reopened.
I was pregnant at the time and still remember crying in a red lit phone booth in the Glam Slam lower bar area because I didn't want to move in with my then boyfriend but I felt like I had no choice because I couldn't raise a baby alone.

In 2013, I got fed up with my ex verbally abusing me , his uncontrollable anger and the uncomfortable ,threatening feeling of living in the creepy little house he inherited from his mom.

I sold everything I owned on eBay and worked hard to scrape together the money for a security deposit on an apartment.
I sold my Prince of Persia games, guides, posters etc.,and I also sold 30 years of Prince items,
a lifetime of stuff that I collected and I sold it all so that I could have my freedom and my own space.

It was hard to let go of my collections but I wanted to change my life.

My ex said "You'll be back." but I ignored him and my daughter and I moved to a nice old apartment near my daughter's school and spent the happiest year of our lives just being free, independent ,safe and normal.

But we lost our apartment 3 weeks before this Christmas because the landlord raised the rent.

I was already working my butt off just to make ends meet and the rent increase was the final straw.

It has been a devastating month. A lot of our possessions got ruined in the rain when we had to move, including the computer that I was using to sell things on eBay.

Since I have no close family , I'm in the scary situation of staying with my ex again, who despises me and who I am afraid of.
My daughter and I need to find a new apartment fast or this is going to end badly.

I spent Christmas Eve in a public park after my ex threw me out and then changed his mind.
He grounded my daughter for trying to defend me ,he called it "talking back".
I don't think "Please don't throw my mom out." is talking back.

My ex wants me out in 2 weeks and I would love to be out in 2 weeks with my daughter. But no matter how hard I work, there is no way that I can come up with a security deposit without help in two weeks.

I don't want to give up because my daughter is counting on me to lift us both out of this and fix everything.
I feel even more pressured because there are two empty apartments in a building I like and I'm worried that they'll be gone before I even have a chance to come up with a deposit.

If you are able to, please consider donating to my funding page or sharing it with your social network.

Thank you for caring enough about us to read all this.

Allegra Ashley