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Prince of Persia 1 Cheats

Activating the cheat mode

For Prince of Persia 1 start the game with prince.exe megahit like this:

  1. Go to any text editor (e.g., MS Notepad).
  2. Type prince.exe megahit (or prince megahit).
  3. Save the file as cheats.bat (File -> Save As -> cheats.bat -> Save as type: (All Files) -> Save). Or, create a new text file and rename its extension.
  4. Double click the file to play immediately with cheats.

Note: Start prince.exe megahit (n) where (n) is the number of level. Example: prince.exe megahit 10 - you will start in level 10.

Levels are:

  1. prince.exe megahit - Level 1
  2. prince.exe megahit 2 - Level 2
  3. prince.exe megahit 3 - Level 3
  4. prince.exe megahit 4 - Level 4
  5. prince.exe megahit 5 - Level 5
  6. prince.exe megahit 6 - Level 6
  7. prince.exe megahit 7 - Level 7
  8. prince.exe megahit 8 - Level 8
  9. prince.exe megahit 9 - Level 9
  10. prince.exe megahit 10 - Level 10
  11. prince.exe megahit 11 - Level 11
  12. prince.exe megahit 12 - Level 12a
  13. prince.exe megahit 13 - Level 12b
  14. prince.exe megahit 14 - Level 13

For Prince of Persia 1.3 start the game with prince.exe improved.

For Prince of Persia 4D start the game with 4d_prin.exe kirill!.

Or you can create a shortcut by following these steps: Windows Cheat.

And if you are playing the game under DOS, enable cheats by following these steps: DOS Cheat.


ESC - Pause the game (Continue pressing for frame-by-frame advance)
CTRL-[ - Pause the game (Continue pressing for frame-by-frame advance)
SPACEBAR - Display the remaining time
CTRL-A - Restart the level
CTRL-G - Save the game (Level 3 onwards)
CTRL-J - Activate Joystick mode
CTRL-K - Activate Keyboard mode
CTRL-L - Restore a saved game (Press during the title sequence)
SHIFT-L - Advance to the next level (Till level 4) [Practice Mode - Reduces time to 15 mins.]
CTRL-Q - Quit to DOS
CTRL-R - Restart the game
CTRL-S - Toggle all sound
CTRL-V - Display the game version

Cheat codes

K - Kill the enemy on the screen
R - Resurrect you where you last died
+ - Increase time left
- (minus) - Decrease time left
[Shift]+L - Warp you to next level
[Shift]+T - Give you an extra life
[Shift]+S - Heal a lost life
[Shift]+W - Allow you to float down long drops
[Shift]+B - Block out non-animated objects
[Shift]+I - Invert the screen
N - Look at screen below the current one
U - Look at screen above the current one
H - Look at screen to the left of current one
J - Look at screen to the right of current one
C - Show coordinates
[Shift]+C - Show more coordinates

About the coordinates [Shift-C] and [C]

Start the game with cheats-mode on (megahit or improved). You will get for Prince of Persia 1 - Level 1 - First screen:

For "C": S1 L5 R0 A0 B2
For "Shift-C": AL0 AR0 BL6 BR3

Sx : the Prince is in room x
Ly : If you leave Sx on the left you will enter room y
R : Right
A : Above
B :Below

AL: Above left
AR: Above right
BL: Below left
BR: Below right

A bit more precisely, AR is the room to the right from the room above the current room. That may be different from the one above the one to the right of the current. It's similarly for the others. You should know this after making that many irregular links. ;)

All of these 8 rooms contain some information about the room x. If you are in room x, you can see some parts of AL and BL. You see tile 30 of AL, and tile 10 of BL. And, you see the room at the left (tiles 10, 20 & 30).