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Number Keys Controls


I'm used to using the number keys as move keys (i.e. 4 is left, 5 is down, etc). When I press and hold the 5 (duck) key, it automatically pulls a shift+L move, which really frustrates me because it ruins early levels (and all levels of some mods). And believe me, I do it out of habit a lot. I can't remind myself to use the down arrow key enough. And also, the shift key won't work with the regular arrow keys. Many times I've run off ledges to my death because I forgot the shift key won't work with the regular arrow keys.

Can someone please help me fix this? Is the answer somewhere in setup.exe?


It's the usual dosbox bug (see problems.html).

There is no direct workaround known to me, but you can use dosbox's builtin key mapper to remap your "numpad 5" key to the down arrow key or the "numpad 2" key which doesn't have this bug. The real solution would be to fix the bug in dosbox itself.

(setup.exe is completely unrelated, you can set the graphics mode, soundcard, etc. there)

Go to the dosbox keymapper by pressing ctrl + F1

Dosbox emulates a complete PC, including your keyboard. Doing that, it maps the keys of the virtual keyboard (shown on the image) to the keys of the real keyboard (under your hands). Initially all virtual keys are mapped to the corresponding real keys. When creating a new mapping, you need to click the box representing the virtual key with your mouse, click the box "Add" and press the real key to be associated on your keyboard using your hands.

In this example, this means the following:

Select the virtual key "down".

Delete its previous mapping to the real key "down", since you won't be using that.

Bind the virtual key "down" to the real key numpad 5.
and press the numpad 5 key on your keyboard

Now, when you press the real key numpad 5, it will trigger the virtual key "down", but it is also bound to the virtual key "numpad 5". Select it first.

Then delete the mapping.

Optionally, save the configuration.

Then, exit from the keymapper.


If you choose to save the changes, it will be used for all games and programs you will run in dosbox. It's preferred if you only use dosbox for prince.

If you choose not to save the changes, it will be used until you quit dosbox. This is preferred if you play other games in dosbox too, but then you'll have to set up the keymapper every time you start prince in dosbox. An alternative way would be to use a separate configuration file for prince, but that's a bit more complicated.

Note: When you click a box in the keymapper, you won't get any visual feedback. It is detected, though.


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