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Prince of Persia for HP48S(X)

Iki's Prince of Persia (version 0.1)

GamePark 32 (GP32) Prince of Persia Project v0.1 (Status: Abandonned)

Summary (From http://gp32dev.free.fr/?ID=pop48)

Prince Of Persia demo is one of my last projects on HP48S. It was never finished, but there is however a small version of test which reproduces the first level of the PC Game but the fight.

This demo uses a four colors technology by rerouting the interruptions of the HP48. It is only designed for HP48S(X).

POP demo was compiled with my own HP Saturn assembler on Amiga 500.

Grayscale implementation of Prince of Persia:

Iki's Prince of Persia


Up: 8
Down: 2
Left: 4
Right: 6
Button: ENTER
Down Screen (Debug): +
Up Screen (Debug): -
Quit: ON


In game screen

Iki's Prince of Persia

Introduction screen

Iki's Prince of Persia

Title Screen

Iki's Prince of Persia

Some sprites

Iki's Prince of Persia

Downloads: pop.zip (9 KB) | pop.code (10 KB)


iKi's gp32 development page: http://gp32dev.free.fr/?ID=pop48

HP Calculator Archive's page: http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=418

Prince of Persia version 1.1

By Timour Jgenti-Vinogradov

Prince of HPersia 1.1 is a freeware by Timour Jgenti, during August-September 1993 in Paris. It's compiled as a library #1314 which is about 19550 bytes. You need at least 9Kbytes of free RAM to play.

How to Play: After launching the game wait the time of the intro, there may be a little delay due to the music. The labyrinths are not corresponding to the real game. It was just an inspiration, otherwise the main interest of PofHP is to play with dungeons and labyrinths: First - find a key, then find the next level door. There are few traps and guardians, just for fun. There are 9 levels, sorry, no save feature, but you can pass directly to the next level.

	4 and 6	return, go forward (4 right, 6 left)
	5	jump in the current direction
	7-9	climb up following the current direction
	ArrowUp	look to the upper floor
	DROP	Pause
	+/-	Sound on/off
	NXT	Next level
	ON	Exit the game (if the programm didn't exit properly, purge
		the temporary variables created during the game)

	* During the sword fighting, press any key except ON to strike...

Traps and Bonus:

	Falling from 2 floors: 1 point penalty
	more than 2 floors: you're dead (redo the level)
	Bottle: +1   Giant Sword: +2

PoP 1.1

PoP 1.1

PoP 1.1

PoP 1.1

PoP 1.1

PoP 1.1


GX convertion by German Gonzalez - aka Bulla

HP-48GX version

Downloads: hprince.zip (37 KB)


HP Calculator Archive's page: http://www.hpcalc.org/details/390

The 48 Unofficial Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/1509/games.html

Here are some "Prince of Persia" maps.

X = Wall.
_ = Floor to walk on.
w = Traps that kills you.
* = Warrior that wants to kill you.
. = Bottle of one extra strength point.
; = Sward that gives you two extra strength points.
k = The key you need to get out
e = Where you enter
E = Where you get out

And, of course, if there is a bottle, sward or warrior there also is a floor.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7