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The Making of Prince of Persia 3D

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j-vZUNmMJI

Prince of Persia 3D - TV Commercial

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2IdNrZ1g2o

Prince of Persia 3D, Discover forgotten page in the Prince of Persia saga

Screenshots from PoP3D showing the game design in all its glory: http://princeofpersia3d.tumblr.com/

Prince of Persia 3D Movies

Making of PoP 3D

This movie is the making feature that was released before the release of Prince of Persia 3D. Also it features the making of Prince of Persia of 1.


The Introduction of Prince of Persia 3D, see how the Prince gets captured.

The Pact

The Pact, the agreement between King Assan and the Sultan that was agreed upon when their children were born.

Prince Dead?

Is the Prince Dead, Rugnor comes and tells the Princess that she has become a widow.

Where is the Princess?

Where is the Princess? The Sultan gets murdered by King Assan. The murder of the Sultan blamed on the Prince by King Assan. Now where will the Prince go, with the whole city turned against him?


Let's take flight with the Prince, up to the Drigible.

A Storm Approaches

A Storm Approaches the Drigible.

Drigible's Ending

The Prince has defeated Rugnor. But Rugnor comes back and captures the Princess once again. The Prince tries to get onto Rugnor's flying vulture, but fails. Will the Prince survive?

Princess's Trick

The Princess tricks Rugnor and chops one of his hand off.

Welcome to the Cliffs

The Princes escapes away from the floating ruins and now has entered cliffs around Rugnor's Sun and Moon Temple

Princess's Last Chance

Rugnor gives the Princess, her last chance to marry her or die in the hands of the machines around them.

Intro to the Finale

This is the Intro to the Finale of Prince of Persia 3D.

Bad Ending

You get this Ending if the time runs out or you lose against Rugnor.

Good Ending

You get this Ending if you defeat Rugnor. Why are the Prince and Princess going the opposite direction of Persia. Who will rule Persia now. Will the Prince ever tell the Princess of what happened to her father, the Sultan? What will be witches next move to kill the Prince and his loved ones?

Movies - Official Website Features

Staff Combat - 2.6MB

Rope Swing - 1.9MB

Using Your Wits - 2.6MB

Traps - 3.1MB

Gem Puzzle - 2.0MB

Escape From Prison - 3.2MB

Double Blade Combat - 2.3MB

Arena Combat - 3.6MB

Belly Dancer - 2.6MB

Swim - 2.3MB


Prince of Persia 3D Music

PC Version

Track 1
Download amb1.zip from Fileplanet

Track 2
Download amb2.zip from Fileplanet

Track 3
Download amb3.zip from Fileplanet

Track 4
Download amb4.zip from Fileplanet

Track 5
Download amb5.zip from Fileplanet

Track 6
Download Fight1.zip from Fileplanet

Track 7
Download Fight2.zip from Fileplanet

Track 8
Download Fight3.zip from Fileplanet

Track 9
Download Fight4.zip from Fileplanet

Track 10
Download Fight5.zip from Fileplanet

Track 11
Download Intro.zip from Fileplanet

Track 12
Download MUSlevelload001.zip from Fileplanet

PC Version (Dialogue)

Track 1
Download Guards.zip from Fileplanet

Track 2
Download Monks.zip from Fileplanet

Track 3
Download Potions.zip from Fileplanet

Track 4
Download Prince.zip from Fileplanet

Track 5
Download Prisoner.zipfrom Fileplanet

Track 6
Download Rugnor.zip from Fileplanet

Track 7
Download ZanBrothers.zip from Fileplanet

Prince of Persia 3D Music and Sound

Music and sounds: http://www.schwortschik.de/prince/eng/media/pop3d_sounds.htm

Prince of Persia 3D: Music and Sound Effects Pack: http://www.savefile.com/files/523663

Official website features

Trailer: http://princeofpersia3d.com/html/dow/dow_sub02.html

Audio pack: http://princeofpersia3d.com/html/dow/dow_sub03.html

Screen shots: http://princeofpersia3d.com/html/dow/dow_body_1.html

More videos

If you want to see full intro [There is a surprise]:

If you only want to see the Persian dancer parts of intro [Also has surprise]:

PoP3D commercial:

Unofficial PoP3D commercial:

More videos and belly dancer video can be found on official site:

And here for videos:

For some reason all of the videos on the official site are in low quality.

The Making of Prince of Persia 3D


Part 1 http://youtube.com/watch?v=Atm6ixPI1iE Part 2 http://youtube.com/watch?v=DZtb3HqNTnY

UPDATE LINKS: Here you can download the Prince of Persia 3D "Making of" video (116 MB): http://gupl.dk/56722/ It's a QuickTime video, taken from the POP Collection Limited Edition CD-ROM. (Thanks to Shattered).