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Command-Line Parameters for Prince of Persia 1 and 2

Courtesy of http://princepersia.freeweb.hu/en/param_cc.htm

Prince of Persia 1 1.0 1.3 1.4 Purpose
Cheat Megahit Improved Improved Enable cheats
Number Yes Yes Yes Start on the given level
AdLib Yes Yes No AdLib Music Synthesizer Card
CompuAdd No Yes No CompuAdd Multimedia Card
Covox Yes No No Covox Sound Master
Digi No Yes Yes DigiDesign Sound Card
Disney No Yes No Disney Sound Source
Gblast Yes Yes No Creative Labs Game Blaster
Ibmg Yes Yes No IBM Music Feature Card
Midi No Yes No MIDI Audio Device
Mvpas No Yes No Media Vision Pro AudioSpectrum
Sblast Yes Yes No Sound Blaster / Sound Blaster Pro
Stdsnd Yes Yes No Standard PC Internal Speaker
Tandy Yes Yes No Tandy 3-Voice
Cga Yes Yes No Start in CGA mode
Draw Yes Yes Yes Draw directly to the screen (don't buffer output)
Ega Yes Yes No Start in EGA mode
Herc Yes Yes No Start in Hercules mode
Hga Yes Yes No Start in Hercules mode
Mcga Yes Yes No Start in MCGA mode
Tga Yes Yes No Start in Tandy mode
Vga Yes Yes No Start in VGA mode
Bypass Yes Yes Yes Don't quit if there isn't enough memory
Pack Yes Yes Yes Store bitmaps compressed in memory
Unpack Yes Yes Yes Store bitmaps uncompressed in memory
Demo No Yes Yes Allow user to play only the first 2 levels
J Yes Yes Yes Enable Joystick mode

Prince of Persia 2 Demo IR 1.0 1.1 Purpose
Cheat Sunshine Makinit Yippeeyahoo Yippeeyahoo Enable cheats
GamePlay Yes Yes Yes Yes Load alternate level set
Levelnumber Yes Yes Yes Yes Start on the given level
NISnumber Yes Yes Yes Yes Show the given cut-scene repeatedly
(NIS = Non-Interactive Sequence)
SayCheese No Yes Yes Yes Enable viewing of other rooms
Treenumber Yes Yes Yes Yes Show the given tree cut-scene repeatedly
NoLoadSound Yes Yes Yes Yes Don't load sounds
NoSounds Yes Yes Yes Yes No sounds
Blink Yes Yes Yes Yes Make programmer's name blink on credits screen
NoDis Yes Yes Yes Yes No transitions in cut-scenes
NoVideoDetect Yes Yes Yes Yes Don't quit if there's no usable video card
NoHiMem Yes Yes Yes Yes Don't use high memory
UseHiMem Yes Yes Yes Yes Use high memory
Sbdiag No No No Yes Show some debug information at startup
WatchMem Yes Yes Yes Yes Make Dump.txt files automatically
NewBump Yes Yes Yes No Not sure it's a valid parameter
Special Yes Yes Yes Yes Not sure it's a valid parameter

Note 1: All command-line parameters are case-insensitive.

Note 2: Bold parameters require cheats to be enabled.

LEVEL1 ... LEVEL14 starts in the level you specify

NIS1 ... NIS11, TREE1 ... TREE9 shows the scene you specify recursively

NIS1 flying carpet
NIS2 horse
NIS3 flying horse
NIS4 clouds + Prince of Persia 2
NIS5 false prince
NIS6 fathers' sword
NIS7 main title
NIS8 throne room
NIS9 on the ship
NIS10 princess writing a letter
NIS11 ending

TREE1 first tree scene (come to me!)
TREE2 tree, less leaves
TREE3 tree, less leaves
TREE4 tree, less leaves, darker
TREE5 tree, less leaves
TREE6 tree, less leaves
TREE7 tree, less leaves, darker
TREE8 tree, less leaves
TREE9 tree, last leaf falls, the end

PoP1: prince.exe megahit x

PoP2: prince.exe yippeeyahoo levelx

where x is the level you want to start

note: in pop2's beta versions change yippeeyahoo to makinit or makinit2

in pop1 1.3 and 1.4 change megahit to improved

start at another level than the first one

Note that support for non-vga screen modes (cga, herc, ega, tga) has been removed in version 1.4, so they'll only work in previous versions. Also, the set of allowed sound cards is different in each version.

About prince 2: Note that gameplay doesn't randomize the starting location, but uses a different built-in level-set.

If you type in to the start on some of those cutscenes, the cutscene is just repeated.

Using REC 2.0 - Reverse Engineering Compiler, you can sort the detected strings of the game (prince.exe); some of those are interesting, like: Printer error., Printer out of paper., etc.

The printer error messages are strange, because this game doesn't print anything.


If you type SAYCHEESE after the cheat parameter, you'll be able to view other rooms by pressing the arrow keys!

But: this prevents you from normal playing (or you have to use the W-E-R-S-D-F-X-C-V or U-I-O-J-K-L-M-,-. keys to move) and it's very buggy!

In level 11 (second red level) you can make one birdman killing an other!

Video link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5t59hs

Notice that when the birdman kills the other, the prince's hitpoints are decreasing!

The game (so the birdman) thinks that the birdman is the prince, and this makes a bigger glitch: you can control a guard!


and press left, up, up, up, up, left, left, up, down, up, down, K.

One birdman stays alive. You can control him: Ctrl=use sword, S or J=go left, F or L=go right, C=flip, M or X=turn left, V=turn right

Also, in level 1 itself with the SAYCHEESE parameter you can get guards to kill each other or 'become' a guard and control him as if he were the Prince!


Another parameter (although it's not very interesting): if you use the WATCHMEM parameter, the game will save a DUMPx.TXT automatically when you start the intro or start playing.

You have to call WATCHMEM with YIPPEEYAHOO or else it doesn't work. Also, the DumpX.txt files can be created with Alt+D in cheat mode too. The cheat mode DumpX.txt files though have the message: "Called via program cheat key." and the WATCHMEM DumpX.txt files have the message: "At beginning of ResetGame() loop."


GamePlay crashes the Demos with the following error:

ERROR: Couldn't find shape list.
Id = 3500

Because the PRINCE.DAT of the demo contains only the original level 1.

Sunshine doesn't activate cheats for PoP 2 Demo (1.0 or 1.1), but the cheat parameter is required for some parameters, for example LEVELn.

In the demo versionss: NISn and TREEn exit with an error message, LEVEL1 starts level 1, LEVEL2 exits with an error message, LEVEL3-LEVEL14 show a strange copy protection screen and then exit with an error message. The copy protection screen is all messed up, no images are shown but the selection rectangle is there. Weird, huh? Guess they created the whole game and then just removed huge chunks of code to leave behind the first level, and finally tacked on the ending message.