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Prince of Persia: The Crystal Castle

Prince of Persia: The Crystal Castle

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Prince of Persia: The Crystal Castle

By: Haim Grebnev

Prince of Persia: The Crystal Castle

This game is a fan made sequel to the original DOS 1989 and 1993 games Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia: Shadow and the Flame in which you can continue playing as the heroic prince of Persia, scaling towering height, avoiding traps, and finally come to terms with the Prince's most challenging adversary yet!


The game's story continues after the events of the second DOS Prince of Persia: Shadow and the Flame game in which the prince faces his new arch enemy: the evil witch who mysteriously appeared at the end of the previous game. The play and feel of the game are exactly the same as in the originals, except with additional support for Xbox controller and touch screen. The goal in most levels is to navigate the terrain and find the gate in the wall that leads to the next level, overcoming any obstacles in the way. As with all of the Prince of Persia games, time plays an essential role in this game since after a bit of gameplay the story will introduce a time limit that the game has to be completed in. The game also offers a menu system which includes the ability to save your progress in case you want to quit and come back later to it.

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Update: Sixth release version 2 has been released with updates made to a few checkpoints to the level 6, level 9 map negligibly modified so that you can't immediately reach the first checkpoint from the start. Also app store name and publisher display name on page app were updated.

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Check out Haim Grebnev's Isometry Studios homepage at: http://sites.math.washington.edu/~hgrebnev/E&Isometry%20Studios/A&Intro.html for the latest info and updates.