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Prince of Persia 2 SNES

POP2 SNES Instruction Manual

NOTE: To download it, scroll down.

WHEN YOU STOWED AWAY ON A SHIP BOUND FOR PERSIA, little did you dream that would fall in love with the Sultan's beautiful young daughter. Still less could you have imagined that you, an unknown adventurer with neither wealth nor title, would win her hand and be hailed by an adoring population as the new Prince of Persia.

In fact, the Sultan has counted on marrying his daughter, if not to a king, then at least to a prince whose wealth and stature would favorably complement his own. The thought of giving her up to someone such as yourself upset the Sultan so much that he nearly ordered your head cut off on the spot.

Only the Princess's quick intervention saved your life. And only by means of the most eloquent pleading (backed by copious tears) was she able to persuade her father to grant your request. So it was that Persia gained a new Prince.

This, at least, is how you remember it.

Until, one morning, you enter the throne room and find your place at the Princess's side already taken by someone who bears a disturbing resemblance to you. Worse, even the Princess doesn't recognize you.

At a word from the “Prince”, the Sultan's guards lay hold of you. This is no time to argue. You break free and leap through the stained-glass window on the rooftop of the palace. With every guard in Persia after you, you barely escape with your life by jumping onto a merchant ship.

As the wind carries you away from Persia, ever further away from the Princess and the happiness that was all too briefly yours, you vow that from this moment on you will live only to find your way back. You don't know who your enemy is, nor how you will defeat him...but between you and the solution to his mystery lies your greatest adventure yet.

PoP2 codes (levels passwords)

Level 2 password
Enter C F G K L K as the password.

Level 3 password
Enter D F F K L K as the password.

Level 4 password
Enter F G C K L K as the password.

Level 5 password
Enter G G M J C K as the password.

Level 6 password
Enter H G F H R H as the password.

Level 7 password
Enter J G B H N H as the password.

Level 8 password
Enter K H H G C H as the password.

Level 9 password
Enter L H H G D H as the password.

Level 10 password
Enter M H L D J F as the password.

Level 11 password
Enter N F G L C M as the password.

Level 12 password
Enter P F D L B M as the password.

Level 13 password
Enter R F D L C M as the password.

Stage Skip: On the options menu, hold D A X [L]. The clouds will speed up. Begin a game and you can use SELECT to skip to the next level.

Prince of Persia 2 SNES Manual (Instruction Booklet)

This is the scanned manual (Instruction Booklet) of Prince of Persia 2 SNES.

To download, click here: Prince_of_Persia_2_SNES_Manual.pdf


Front Cover: http://images.rottentomatoes.com/images/games/coverg/50/606350.jpg

Back Cover: http://images.rottentomatoes.com/images/games/coverg/51/606351.jpg

Download ROM

In order to play PoP2 SNES rom, you need to get a SNES emulator; There are many.

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Play PoP 2 SNES Online


My Emulator Online, the website where you'll be able to play the best retro games ever online directly in your browser, for free. You can play Prince of Persia 2 SNES Online from here: https://myemulator.online/snes/prince-of-persia-2


PoP 2 SNES Online on Nesbox (Flash) Emulator: http://www.retrogames.cz/play_260-SNES.php
PoP 2 SNES Online on NeptunJS (JavaScript) Emulator: http://www.retrogames.cz/play_260-SNES.php?emulator=js

Prince of Persia 2 SNES Video Walkthrough

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnCcenGBhNA

In this speed-run video, the game was completed in 11:00 minutes (sure because of the glitches in the cartridge - some claim because the game wasn't relapsed by Konami. Konami released PoP1 SNES but TITUS released PoP2 SNES). You can use it as a video walkthrough as well as discovering PoP2 under SNES - one of the greatest environment ;-).
Note that the prince flies (on the carpet) from left to right unlike in the PC version (right to left).

Bugs include: Going through walls, jumping in the air, fly in the air, jumping through blades without dying, climbing up to and down from a loose floor before it falls, and passing enemies without fighting. The only enemy being killed is the snake on level 8. The error likely starts when, in horse level, Prince was hit by the flying head in this hole and from this time he can fly :) The head gave him the power of flying :D And after this, he restarts the level. He hit the wall and went through it - there's probably some glitch and game started miscalculating prince's steps, allowing this to happen. Surprisingly, it didn't fix itself in the next levels.

The reasons why the SNES version sucks

1. Bad quality music, mocks the original DOS music which I like and there are no enemy theme tunes like the skeletons, the goblin heads and the eagle beaked fighters themes.

2. Awful sound, especially when the prince and other characters make an fake ugh! King Kong like sound or something.

3. Scrolling big screens. Unacceptable in a Prince of Persia game.

4. Bad touches of graphics in every level, but the idea of plants in the cave levels would be nice.

5. No Jaffar to face only a fake clone of the Prince.

6. Bad storyline font letters.

7. No movie sequences only lame storyline sentences. For example when the prince rides the horse a sentence about it is shown instead of seeing the horse make it to the red temple.

8. Level 14 is cut out entirely.

9. The most important: the glitches (read above: video walkthrough). In fact, the SNES version of PoP2 is not a game with glitches; it is a huge glitch with some bits of game.

How to produce a valid password for PoP2-SNES

The passwords are 6 letters and each one can be one of this: 'BCDFGHJKLMNPRTVW'. Making a study on it I discovered that actually each letter is a value from 0 to 15 respectively,
and that each letter has a meaning:

The 1º letter is the stage [0..12]

The 2º letter is how many bottles of life you got [0..7]

The 3º and 4º letters are the time remaining in 2 digits in reverse order, for example: 0 and 9 is 90 minutes, and so on.

The 5º and 6º letters are the validation values. The 5º must be the rest of the division of the "first 3 added" by 16. And the 6º must be the 4º one plus the integral part of the division of the "first 3 added" by 16. For example:

pw[5] = (pw[1] + pw[2] + pw[3]) mod 16;
pw[6] = pw[4] + ((pw[1] + pw[2] + pw[3]) div 16);

where mod is the operator that returns the rest of the division, and div is the operator that returns the integral part of the quotient of the division.

So, this way you can enter a password for the level you want, with the life you want and the time you want. Remembering that the maximum of life is 7, the maximum of time is 90, and the last stage is 12(that corresponds to the stage 13).

The best case for all levels would be the following:


Prince of Persia 2 SNES Midis

If you want to extract the midis: First use SNES9x to grab each spc file from the sound test (hold start, press select). Then through Audio Overload, export them to wav files. You can try to get all the sound effects too, but it's more involved than that. Also, SNESGT emulator can dump the music in .spc format. You can use a special plugin to listen to SNES tracks in Winamp. It's called SPCAmp. There is a special spc player too (good alternative).

EDIT: FULL SNES MIDIS .spc files can be found on a site called http://www.snesmusic.org.

MORE INFORMATION Prince of Persia 2 SNES EU: http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?profile=set&selected=2081
MORE INFORMATION Prince of Persia 2 SNES US: http://snesmusic.org/v2/profile.php?profile=set&selected=2082

Download SPC Soundtrack: http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=pop2 - Project pop2 version 1.00 released on 2005-09-11, 8 tracks, 56kb.