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Prince of Persia 1 Screenshots

Screenshot - Prince of Persia

Screenshot - I will save my princess!

Screenshot - Hurry-up

Screenshot - Princess is waiting

Screenshot - Prince is jumping

Screenshot - Great scene

Screenshot - That wasn't a happy end

Screenshot - The fight

Screenshot - Great jump; don't fall down

Screenshot - Be careful, spikes are sharp

Screenshot - Poor guard and prince; died together

Screenshot - He has stolen my drink!

Screenshot - A dangerous jump

Screenshot - Fighting with hard guard

Screenshot - Prince is loosing floors

Screenshot - I will come to you from nowhere

Screenshot - Yet, another guard to fight with

Screenshot - Prince and the Shadow; Face to Face

Screenshot - Start of level 7

Screenshot - Die die die!

Screenshot - Prince is climbing up near a skeleton

Screenshot - Prince and Shadow

Screenshot - Prince and Shadow

Screenshot - Defeating Jaffar

Screenshot - Off to the princess :)

Screenshot - The End!