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Prince 2 The Duel

Prince 2 The Duel

Prince 2 The Duel

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Prince 2 - The Duel by Nelson Chu 1993



You probably heard of the famous game Prince of Persia. Now this is a DUEL version in which you can play with your friend or with the computer. Remember the story of Prince of Persia 2? Now, in this DUEL version, the only way to show that you're the real prince is to kill the false one. The two of you are identical.

Sorry, but this is an old game created by me. It has bugs. It's delay routine is bad but I've included a patching delay program. You can adjust the delay factor yourself. The animation is as smooth as the original Prince of Persia 2, since graphic is extracted from it. Sorry, if I'm offending copyright laws, please tell me. But after all, I'm not making profit out of it. Please excuse me for using the graphic... Future Crew also has some lemmings swimming in their own product Fishtro...

Well, you can throw flame balls, and other special attacks. Remember that when you finish the original Prince 2, you also have to throw a flame? :)


The game: 2PDUEL.ZIP 211 KB
Delay fixed, no sound: 2P.zip 410 KB
Source Code in Pascal 2psource.zip 45.9 KB

Official site http://sites.google.com/site/hkideabrush/games