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Prince of Persia 1

Prince of Persia 1

Prince of Persia 1

Prince of Persia 1

Prince of Persia 1

Prince of Persia 1

Prince of Persia 1 for ti89, 92+ and v200

This game wants to be an adaptation of the legendary PC game 'Prince of Persia'. This demo presents the whole first level, with enemies, traps, potions and you sword you have to pick . The game engine has improved ( look the animated screenshot :), especially items and walls at the foreground are handled ...

Author: David Coz

Category: TI-89 Assembly Games (Titanium graphing calculators (Texas Instruments)).

How-to install and play the game

First off download the game roms:


DEMO 3/DEMO 2/DEMO 1: pop1ti.zip (all 3 files combined).

Then, download the TI-Emualtor (TI-Emulator.exe) or any other emulator, e.g. TiEmu. Right-click and send all the files (i.e., pop.89y and pop.89z for ti89) to your calculator program (emulator). Now, just tape pop() in the home screen and enjoy the game! NOTE: To type () correctly, use [ for ( and ] for ).

TI-Emulator.exe: Although it has the ti92p_2.rom, it runs TI-89. PoP 1 version 89 works, but both (PoP 1 v200 and 92+) versions don't on this one! unless you get another ROMs (images). Use another emulator (TiEmu, etc.).

It really seems that everything is copied from the GB version, for example if the prince hits his head into the wall, he shakes his head.

Readme file

            *                                          *
            *                                          *
            *     PRINCE OF PERSIA  -  DEMO 3          * 
            *             			       *	
            *					       *

started : 25/04/2003 by David COZ





20/09/2003  demo 3

* Add the enemies , traps , potions and life system
  The First Level is almost complete :)

* You can use your weapon ( you have to find it first :)

* Fix some bugs and glitches.

25/08/2003  demo 2

* Greatly improve the game engine : 
	* foreground sprites
	* animated flames
	* special tiles : falling one , some open/close door ,etc...  
	* a better collision system 
	* some animations corrected 
	* new move : crouching

* Implemented all the first level rooms : it makes 21 rooms ! 

* Change the sprites storage : now only one side of the character is stored ,
the other is created t startup .

27/04/2003 demo1

* Basic engine made : almost every basic movement implemented , collision system ,scrolling ,etc....


This program was written in C using TIGCC,so you don't need
any kernel,nor libraries...After having sent all the files (pop.89y,pop.89z) to your TI,just tape pop() in the
home screen and enjoy the game !

This game wants to be an adaptation of the famous PC game 'Prince of Persia' by Jordan Mechner . 
This is just a demo of the first level to show you the basics moves : run , jump ,etc.. , 
With now enemies , traps , potions and your sword :)

This is only a demo there may be several glitches , but no severe bugs (as far as I know :)

Keys :

<-  -> : Run 

2nd on TI89   |   when still : short jump
F1 on Ti92+   |   while running : long jump
Hand on V200  |   while jumping : hang on the borders 
                  with your sword : attack

DIamond on TI89 |  
F2 on Ti92+     |  Simple Step
Q on V200       |  with your sword : dodge

UP : Vertical Jump , allows you to climb up 

DOWN : Go down when you're next a border, pick up and item on the ground


Thanks to * all who contributed to the TiGCC project....
          * Thomas Nussbaumer for his extgraph library
          * Zeljko Juric for Tigcc's help...
          * Rusty Wagner for his VTI,and also his wonderful tiles Editor 'CalcGS'...


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For,all critics,suggestions,ideas,explanations,feel free to mail me: