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Prince of Persia 3D Controls

General controls

Walk forwards: numpad 8
Walk backwards: numpad 2
Turn left: numpad 4
Turn right: numpad 6
Sidestep left: numpad 7
Sidestep right: numpad 9

Camera: Enter
Walk: Shift (hold) and direction
Draw weapon: Space
Select primary weapon: numpad 1 (keep pressing to toggle)
Select bow and arrows: numpad 3
Toggle different sorts of arrows: numpad 2 just after pressing numpad 3
Action (pick up arrows, drink potion etc.): Ctrl
Jump: Alt
Jump forward, backward, left, right: Alt and direction
Cling/ grab: Shift or Alt
Grab onto poles: Shift and numpad 8
Shimmy along ledge: numpad 4/ 6
Crawl: C

Weapon controls

Attack Left: Ctrl and numpad 4
Attack Right (quicker, but less damage): Ctrl and numpad 6
Attack Overhead (slowest, but most damage): Ctrl and numpad 8
Block: Ctrl and numpad 2
Feint (fake attack) Left: Shift and numpad 4
Feint Right: Shift and numpad 6
Feint Overhead: Shift and numpad 8

Move forwards: numpad 8 (press repeatedly to move faster)
Strafe left: numpad 4
Strafe right: numpad 6
Circle enemy left (good to do in a tight spot): numpad 7
Circle enemy right: numpad 9

Aim arrow: Hold Ctrl
Stand down (decide against shooting while aiming): press Space with Ctrl still hold down
Release arrow: release Ctrl

(Move buttons in normal mode are the same as when you have drawn your bow.)

Here's also a visual sheet for the controls extracted from the game:

Prince of Persia 3D Controls

Level of Difficulty

POP3D - Level of Difficulty/Gore

For those who don't know - you can play the game under 3 types of level's difficulty: Easy - Medium - Hard.

Simply go to: Options > Game and tick the level of difficulty you want to play.

Also, you can change the capacity of the gore in the game (More/Less).

Collection for every LEP-potion in the game

Written by Maurice Kaltofen

LEP stands for "Life Extension Potion". These are the bright green potions found during the game. When drinking, they can add a bottle or more to your maximum life.

Level 1 - Prison: - Found right after the first guard you need to fight; Go into the room where he came from and push the crate under the crane. Climb up the ledge and lift the box, using the crane. Get back down, ét voilá: You found it!

Level 4 - Palace 1: - Found after killing the last guard (axe-wielder). The super jump potion's effect should last over the whole level here. Get to the very outside of the middle circle in the room, facing the middle and jump up. You should eventually grab a ledge. If not, you just lost some health (I suggest save before doing it). If you successfully grabbed the ledge, pull up, of course. On the upper ledge, see a table-ish thing in the middle? Climb on it and get to the very border of it. Jump up, facing off the middle and grab one other ledge. Climb up and search there for a potion.

Level 7 - Rooftops: - Can be seen before fighting the first guard. Go ahead and fight him, take a passage through a window, right, fight the guard there, run over the loose floor (jump when it falls,or grab the ledge). Head into the niche and examine the torches. One has a pressure plate which opens some windows. Climb through. The rest is all self-explanatory, so there's not much to say.

Level 8 - Streets/Docks: - Found at the Docks. It's on the top of the house of the old man where the flute is in. Grab it, you'll need it to finish the level. Find your way up onto the roof of the house and climb through a hole. In there's an LEP. Drink it and then find your way to the Dirigible.

Level 10 - Lower Dirigible 2: - This potion is up above 2 the right of the cannon(which shoots u if u r in front of it) so you'll have to climb around it, using a rope and the platforms nearby.

Level 13 - Floating Ruins: - Somewhere should be a platform where there's a guard and the LEP. You have to find the arrow called "Snare of The Unwary Soul" or something like that. Shoot the guard with it (save before you do, it's your only one and if you miss, you'll miss the LEP, as well) and drink the potion while being him.

Level 14 - Cliffs: - Found inside the first guardhouse after unfrozen a monk. It's located inside a pit where it's guarded by some kind of monster (like Shattered said: "some sort of black monkey or rat").

That's it. Every (?) LEP in the game. If you think there's still one missing, just post here. I'll see if it's available and add it into the first post.
Topic on forums: http://popuw.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3908.