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2018-02-15 Added multiple patches (including DDrawCompat entry) for PoP 3D. Click here.

2017-12-02 Prince of Persia 2 Genesis horse level fix patch released. Click here.

2017-11-06 Updated version revisions for Prince of Persia 2 (thanks to Eric Bloom). Click here.

2017-11-06 Added a new page for Prince of Persia 1 BBC Master. Click here.

2017-10-03 Added Prince of Persia 1 GameGear US/EU scanned manuals. Click here.

2017-10-03 Added Dr. Hugh's Arabian Nights illustrated walkthrough. Click here.

2017-10-03 Added video walkthrough for 4D Prince's level 4 exploring another life potion (thanks to Ritesh Kumar Sinha). Click here.

2017-10-03 Added PoP 3D Skin Mods (thanks to Ilya Korneev). Play the Prince as other PoP 3D characters. Click here.

2017-10-03 Updated Maurice Kaltofen's PoP 1 SNES to PC complete level set download link. Click here.

2017-10-03 Fixed Hubai Tamas's PoP 1 video walkthrough download link. Click here.

2017-10-03 Added a new file: PoP 1 More SNES Midis. Click here.

2017-10-03 Added PoP 2 speedrun videos with sound-enabled. Click here.

2017-10-03 Updated walkthroughs links for PoP 1 DOS, SNES, GB, NES, Sega CD, PoP 2 DOS (English and Dutch), PoP 3D, and Arabian Nights.