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2015-10-17 New PoP3D texture - skin mod released by Ilya Korneev. Click here.

2015-09-15 Added PoP 3D German new download links (thanks to iranboy2955). Click here.

2015-09-15 Added PoP 3D Spanish new download links. Click here.

2015-09-15 apoplexy v2.7 has been released for Windows and Linux. Click here.

2015-09-15 SDLPoP v1.15 has been released. Click here.

2015-09-15 Pr1SnesLevEd v3 has been released. Click here.

2015-05-16 New PoP 1 SNES sprites released by Emlyn Lewis. Click here.

2015-05-16 Added Prince of Persia 1 and 2 Remake for Android (thanks to ThunderStorM). Click here.

2015-02-27 Updated PoP Macintosh Total Pack download link. Click here.

2015-02-27 Updated PoP1 FM Towns and PoP2 FM Towns game pages and download links.

2015-02-27 Updated 4D Prince page and video solution download links. Click here.



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