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Prince of Persia 1

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In the Sultan's absence the Grand Vizier JAFFAR rules with the iron fist of tyranny. Only one obstacle remains between Jaffar and the throne: the Sultan's beautiful young daughter...

Marry Jaffar... or die within the hour. All the Princess's hopes now rest on the brave youth she loves. Little does she know that he is already a prisoner in Jaffar's dungeons....


Prince of Persia 1


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In PoP1, what do you think would have happened if the Prince had failed to rescue the Princess on time?

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PoP 1 for other consoles/platforms

After the original release of Prince of Persia 1 on the Apple II, the game was ported to a wide range of platforms and consoles. Some are official, others are unofficial made by fans. Click on each page for more information.