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Prince of Persia Maps

Select the size of map you want to look at (Small or Big). By psn.

Level 1:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level1_big.jpg

Level 2:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince2.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level2_big.jpg

Level 3:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince3.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level3_big.jpg

Level 4:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince4.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level4_big.jpg

Level 5:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince5.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level5_big.jpg

Level 6:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince6.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level6_big.jpg

Level 7:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince7.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level7_big.jpg

Level 8:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince8.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level8_big.jpg

Level 9:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince9.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level9_big.jpg

Level 10:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince10.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level10_big.jpg

Level 11:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince11.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level11_big.jpg

Level 12a:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince12a.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level12a_big.jpg

Level 12b:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince12b.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level12b_big.jpg

Level 13:

Small: http://west.club.fr/Nostalgie/Persia1/prince13.gif
Big: http://psn.tvn.hu/pix2/pop_level13_big.jpg

nohoval_turrets's Maps

Another complete set of level maps at full resolution made by nohoval_turrets can be found here: http://homepage.eircom.net/~seanhennessy/pop1/princeofpersia1_4.htm.

New Maps

Made by Maurice Kaltofen, these maps are .BMP images with high quality.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?1zuox5xd4cc (Updated on 22.09.2007, JPEG).

Prince of Persia 1.3/1.4 Maps

Another full maps set for Prince of Persia 1 made by Terra Esperz. Click on the map number to enlarge it.


Prince of Persia 1 French Maps

Click to enlarge.

Prince of Persia 1 Maps - French

Simplified maps for Prince of Persia 1

Simplified maps for Prince of Persia 1. Click on a map to enlarge it.

Level 1:
PoP 1 - Level 1
Level 2:
PoP 1 - Level 2
Level 3:
PoP 1 - Level 3
Level 4:
PoP 1 - Level 4
Level 5:
PoP 1 - Level 5
Level 6:
PoP 1 - Level 6
Level 7:
PoP 1 - Level 7
Level 8:
PoP 1 - Level 8
Level 9:
PoP 1 - Level 9
Level 10:
PoP 1 - Level 10
Level 11:
PoP 1 - Level 11
Level 12:
PoP 1 - Level 12a
Level 12b:
PoP 1 - Level 12b
Level 13:
PoP 1 - Level 13
Potion Level:
PoP 1 - Potion Level
Demo Level:
PoP 1 - Demo Level

If you're wondering what that small room on the far right of the potion level is: If you look closer, you will notice a raising floor. This raising floor opens the door when you drink the correct potion.

Raising floor: Room 8 Tile 01 linking to the door L:0 (3,27).

Other rooms, like 5 and 7, I believe both were made to contain some potions, but later they had been omitted. (Maybe because it is annoying and takes you some time if you want to go up and down).

NOTE 2: If you're wondering what that potions level is about and how you can reach it: The potion level is between level 1 and level 2. It's included for copy protection. You don't see it if you're using a cracked version.

Potions level
Potions level
Potions level


Drawmap is a tool developed by Hubai Tamas to create simplified maps. Click here: drawmap.html