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Prince of Persia 1 Sharp X68000

What is Sharp X68000?

The Sharp X68000, often referred to as the X68k, is a home computer released only in Japan by the Sharp Corporation. The first model was released in 1987, with a 10 MHz Motorola 68000 CPU, 1 MB of RAM and no hard drive; the last model was released in 1993 with a 25 MHz Motorola 68030 CPU, 4 MB of RAM and optional 80 MB SCSI hard drive. RAM in these systems is expandable to 12 MB though most games and applications didn't require more than two.

How-to install and play the game

First off download the game roms:

Download: http://files.filefront.com/x68princezip/;6563246;;/fileinfo.html
Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/?3ybttzyobyz

Roms are compressed into one file containing the three disks (compressed too). Just extract the file, then extract the three files.

Disk images

Then download the EX68 Sharp X68000 emulator for PC from here: http://www.aep-emu.de/Emus-file-emus_detail-id-729.html and the roms from here: http://www.ksky.ne.jp/%7Eyamama/emul/agree2.htm

You should boot like this: Put disk 1 into fdd 0 and disk 2 into fdd 1. When this message appears:

Please insert Disk C into Drive 1

(By the way, that Japanese text means "Please insert Disk C into Drive 1.") put disk 3 into fdd 1 and press any key.

If you want to use the arrows and shift for controlling, go to option, STICK, and in the JOY 1 Windows??? box select ??????????? +ZX.

Also, the levels are recorded (just like in the PC98 version, this version is very similar to that version). In the main menu, click on the next-to-last link and choose your level and watch it.

And, while playing, press F1 then the next-to-last link to exit to the main menu.

PS When you hit the skeleton, all its bones move and crack :).

Note: Disk B contains the intro, whereas disk C contains the game.

Note: In this picture: http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/5609/sasapl7.jpg, the Japanese text means "Please insert Disk C into Drive 1.".

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