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Arabian Nights


Arabian Nights PC:
Arabian nights

Arabian nights

Arabian nights

Arabian nights
Arabian Nights 2D Amiga
Arabian Nights 2D Amiga

Arabian nights
Arabian Nights 2D Amiga CD32
Arabian Nights 2D Amiga CD32

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This game is similar to PoP 3D with a new design, game play, game story and graphics...

If you love PoP 3D, you should definitely try this one too!

Game Information

Arabian Nights will immerse the player into the magical world of the Middle East. The player takes on the role of Ali and begins the game at the meeting-place chosen by the Princess: at the entrance to the cemetery, in the rough part of town. But the Princess fails to turn up. Has she disappeared? If that was the case, it would cause a terrible crisis in the Sultanate of Akabha!

The story goes that the wife of the Sultan of Akabha, following a wish granted him by a Genie, had quintuplets, five magnificent daughters with the lovely names of Muscade, Melissa, Hellebore, Spiruline and Guarana. The Koba, the great book of a laws of the Sultanate of Akabha, sets out the marriage rules for the Sultan's daughters: "A Sultan's daughter must take a husband on the day of her twentieth birthday. Otherwise, she will be declared "Al Jotani", meaning a "street girl", and will be banished from the palace and deprived of all her royal rights." The Koba also states: "On the death of the Sultan, the power is inherited by the eldest son, failing that by the fiancé of the eldest daughter, and failing that by the Grand Vizier." The story begins on the day before the 20th birthday of the princesses.

Take on the role of Ali, the love of the fair princess Melissa. Marry her and inherit the riches of all the land, but beware, for there are many who would stop you to gain the honor for themselves.

Dr. Hugh's Arabian Nights Illustrated Walkthrough

The best and thorough illustrated walkthrough that has been written for Arabian Nights.

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Now you can download exclusively on popuw.com: Full English PC version ISO

General information:

Game: Arabian Nights
Source: CloneCD image
Protection: SecuROM v4.51
Language: English
Password: popuw.com


Format: 7z (multivolume, an.7z.001 --> an.7z.003)
Size: 3 x 100 MB (254 MB in total)


01. Unpack downloaded files with 7-zip or any other program;
02. Read included ARABIAN.nfo for instructions. NFO-files are read best with DAMN NFO Viewer.

Extra notes:

The game manual + scans of disc and cover and cracked .exes are included. Because this is a clone, the cracked .exes are not needed in order to play.



Game Manual


Arabian Nights Italian PC Version

Now you can download exclusively on popuw.com: Full Italian PC version Arabian Nights. Thanks to ThunderStorM.

General information:

Game: Arabian Nights - Italian
Language: Italian
Start the game using _st_3dfx.exe

Download (200 MB):


Arabian Nights French PC Version

Now you can download exclusively on popuw.com: Full French PC version Arabian Nights

General information:

Game: Arabian Nights - French
Language: French
Password: popuw.com

Download (220 MB):


Arabian Nights - Episode 1 "Melissa's Letter" (DEMO version)

Game Information:
This 1st episode, 'Melissa's Letter', will thrust you immediately into the bewitching atmosphere of Oriental nights. It will enable you to familiarise yourself with Ali and his exhaustive panoply of moves. Good luck ! And don't forget : the adventure has just begun...


This is the full demo version of Arabian Nights (Episode 1 "Melissa's Letter"). DEMO here means the full version of the first episode.

Episode1_c_uk.exe (14.5 MB)


After downloading, extract the game then uncompress it (keep following the screens step by step and wait when you need to). First installation extracts the files to c:\arabian and then another installation will prompt (click on Install)... all files will be uncompressed and in this step you need to wait. Don't do anything else, click on OK and keep the window open. You have to wait like 5 to 10 minutes... If it won't run at all, you have to install it under Windows 9x.




Dr. Hugh's Arabian Nights Illustrated Walkthrough: The best and thorough illustrated walkthrough that has been written for Arabian Nights.

A text-based walkthrough by SILMARILS: win-arabian_nights.txt


Arabian Nights +3 trainer (by b0rd3n / EyM): eymantr3.zip

Arabian Nights 2D Amiga and Amiga CD32

This is Arabian Nights for Amiga and Amiga CD32. It is not the same as Arabian Nights for PC but you will still enjoy it. As you can see below, the Amiga CD32 version is superior due to only needing 1 disc and having better graphics.


Box scans for Arabian Nights Amiga and CD32

Click here: http://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/Amiga_Game_Box_Scans/A

More info

For more info and videos and pictures, go to: http://www.lemonamiga.com/?mainurl=http%3A//www.lemonamiga.com/games/details.php%3Fid%3D79


for all covers/media, go here:

Arabian Nights (PC) http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/arabian-nights/cover-art
Arabian Nights Amiga CD32 http://www.mobygames.com/game/amiga-cd32/arabian-nights_/cover-art
Arabian Nights Amiga http://www.mobygames.com/game/amiga/arabian-nights_/cover-art

Prince of Persia - Arabian Nights Dreamcast Remake of PoP 3D

The game takes place in a fictional 12th century Persia and focuses on the Prince character as he embarks on a quest to save his captured fiance from the clutches of the evil Sultan and his freakish nephew, Rugnor.

Prince of Persia - Arabian Nights Dreamcast Remake of PoP 3D

This is not Arabian nights for Dreamcast. This is Prince of Persia 3D for Dreamcast and may work with an emulator or Dreamcast.




Download: PoP_Arabian_Nights.pdf (2.40 MB)