Arabian Nights

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Episode 1

 Melissa's Letter

Episode 2

The Sacred Tombs

Episode 3

 Mysteries at the Palace

Episode 4

 The City of Akhaba

Episode 5

The Black Moon Sect

Episode 6

The Magic Cave

Episode 7

The Great Fortress

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This game is relatively hard to play, but it has a decent story, nice scenery, and good puzzles. Once you’re involved, it will keep you going on.

Most of the enemies you will encounter are very, very tough to defeat. Unlike Lara Croft who fires a few shots and they’re down. Here you’ll really have to fight till dead, and be prepared to die over and over again.

So: saving the game is the rule! Save as often as you can. There are 7 regular saving spots, which may be re-used, and one quick save (F5) which may also be written over.

There is also a default set of savings for each of the 7 episodes. Refrain from those, because your set of weapons there is too small. These savings were meant for folks who got completely stuck in an episode. Of course with this fine walkthrough, such a thing would be impossible.

Your hero is Ali, a very acrobatic and athletic young man. He can jump sideward and backward, and he can fight with arms and legs like a martial arts adept. The game adapts itself to the kind of enemy you’re dealing with, so you’ll never know whether he will kick with arms or legs.

Very tough enemies: Eunuchs (!), Palace Guards, Lizard Guards, and Natives. Do not underestimate these guys!

There are also a few boss-like enemies who are extremely tough to defeat. One of them even has his own life meter.

You will have to learn how to perfect your combat skills. A general rule is this one:

Let your adversary come close to you and try to learn at which point you’ll have to strike first. You may perform several blows in a row, but once your enemy starts beating you up, jump backward, run away, turn around, quick save, and start all over again. Because, once he starts attacking, you can’t hit back anymore. Avoid fighting against a wall, because you’re dead in no time.

Enemies with weapons (like Swords and Lances) should be challenged with your Sword too.

Your most important weapons are Knives, which you’ll come across throughout the game, especially when an enemy is down. Many foes “shed” Knives. With plenty of Knives, you may kill almost any Monster or enemy, and there are horrible Monsters in this game. However, be very careful with your set of Knives. Use them only if no other way of fighting is possible.

Bombs are good too. Knives and Bombs may be thrown precisely from a distance, you will apply the mouse then for exact directions. Aim the cross at your enemy slightly above his head due to gravity forces.

There are four Rings to be found with magic Spells. Each Ring holds a first Jewel and has two extra spots for Jewels, also to be found throughout the Episodes. You will find the Rings early in the game.

The Jewels provide extra Spells to a Ring. Just keep pressing the correct button (F1: Red Ring – F2: Yellow Ring – F3: Blue ring – F4: White Ring) until the first Spell icon appears (left of the Ring). If you release the button now, the Spell of the first Jewel of the Ring will engage. Remember that Magic takes a while to build up.

Instead, when you keep pressing the button, the first icon will fade away and a second icon will appear, associated with the Spell of the second Jewel of the Ring (provided you have found this Jewel of course). When you release the button then, the Spell of the second Jewel will build up and engage.  Similarly with the third (and final) Spell. But you cannot return to a previous spell before a shot. With the Fireball (Red Ring) you will also see a cross to aim at the enemy. Unlike a Bomb or a Knife, Magic is not subject to gravity.

Note: the Spell will only fully engage when you cover sufficient Magic Power (the blue meter in the lower right corner).

It is very important to gather the Jewels of the Red and the Blue Ring. You won’t be able to finish Episode 7 if you don’t have the two Jewels of the Blue Ring. This Ring is for protection. You will find this Ring in a hidden place in the Mosque.

It may be sound cruel, but all regular folks in town are vicious, except a few ones that are under protection of “Allah”, so be careful! You’ll have to kill them all but the protected ones! Most of them shed Gold Coins, and you’ll need as many of these as possible. On certain locations you’ll be able to buy goodies from a greedy Merchant. You are going to need Phials (of Life, Magic and Antidote), Knives and Apples. An Apple will add 3/5th to your life power. They are relatively cheaper than Phials of Life, who will restore your life meter completely. Don’t bother with Bread, it restores very little.

When you find a Jar, smash it. Most of them contain goodies, but some hide a Scorpion!

Scorpions: easy to defeat. Let it approach and then kick it dead with your leg. However, should you be stung you will slowly die unless applying a Phial of Antidote.

Large Rats: somewhat tougher, use your Sword.

Bees: very tough. Use your Sword.     

There are Beggars without legs on a sort of wheelchair and with metal hands. Extremely aggressive. Use your karate tricks

Sometimes 3 or 4 enemies come in a pack. You’ll have to learn how to deal with these. But that will be explained in the Walkthrough.

One final remark. Jumping from a ledge or from a platform and hanging down with your hands is not as easy as with Lara Croft:

Walk backward (keep on pressing the walk button) till the edge. Walk 2 steps forward, release walk and press backward, release, and immediately press and hold action. Ali will elegantly flip backward, grab and hold the ledge.

Keep pressing action:

+ left: shimmy left

+ right: shimmy right

+ forward: pull up

When you release action Ali will drop down. Certain heights require full health or Ali will drop dead.


The story:

It is told that the Sultan of Akhaba, following a wish granted by a genie, was blessed with quintuplets: 5 magnificent girls answering to the gentle names of Muscade, Melissa, Hellebore, Spiruline and Guarana.

The Koba, the great book of laws of the Sultanate of Akhaba, states the rules of marriage for the Sultan's daughters as follows: 'A daughter of the Sultan must take a spouse the day of her twentieth birthday.

Otherwise, she shall be declared Al Jotani, which means "streetwalker", and shall be taken from the palace and deprived of all her princely rights.' The Koba also stipulates: 'Upon the death of the Sultan, power reverts to the eldest son or, failing that, to the fiancé of the eldest daughter or, failing that, to the Grand Vizier.' As the story begins, the 5 princesses have disappeared, and it is the eve of their twentieth birthday!

The player takes on the role of Ali, a charming young man who has considerable success with the princesses. He must find the Sultan's five daughters and bring them back to the palace in order to wed all five! He will thus become the sole successor to the throne and take the place of the Grand Vizier.

It is night-time. In a palace bedchamber, the lovely Princess Melissa is finishing a letter to the young Ali :

'My dearly beloved, It is now time to go see my father, the Sultan, so he can grant you my hand. As you know, tomorrow is my twentieth birthday, and we must absolutely get married. Afterwards, it will be too late! Meet me tonight at the cemetery just after prayers, and we will go to the palace together. I'm very frightened. I feel as if I'm being watched. If something were to happen to me, let my father know-he will trust you. Thank God for tomorrow when our hearts will be united for eternity! Your betrothed, Melissa'.

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