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Prince of Persia 2 Cheats

Activating the cheat mode

Start game with prince.exe yippeeyahoo like this:

  1. Go to a text editor (notepad)
  2. Type prince.exe yippeeyahoo
  3. Save the file as cheats.bat (File->Save As->cheats.bat->Save)
  4. Double click the file to play immediately with cheats

In some versions you have to use makinit or makinit2 cheat activation code.

Read here for more information.

Or you can create a shortcut by following these steps: Windows Cheat.

And if you are playing the game under DOS, enable cheats by following these steps: DOS Cheat.


ESC - Pause the game (Press any other key to resume)
SPACEBAR - Display the remaining time
ALT-A - Restart the level or go to last rebirth point
ALT-G - Save the game
ALT-H - Display the Hall of Fame
ALT-J - Activate Joystick mode
ALT-K - Activate Keyboard mode
ALT-L - Restore a saved game
ALT-M - Toggle ambient music
ALT-N - Advance to the next level (Till level 4) [Practice Mode - Reduces time to 15 mins.]
ALT-O - Display the Options screen
ALT-Q - Quit to DOS
CTRL-Q - Quit to DOS
ALT-R - Restart the game
ALT-S - Toggle all sound
ALT-V - Display the game version

Cheat codes

+ - Increase time left
- (minus) - Decrease time left
K - Kill all enemies on the screen
R - Resurrect you where you last died
F1 - Toggle slow motion mode
F2 - Toggle position display (When pressed in conjunction with F1)
F3 - Player on/off
F6 - Toggle ruler
[Shift]+S - Turn into the shadow/flame
[Shift]+T - Add energy
[Shift]+K - Subtract energy
[Shift]+R - Display room number and jump right
[Shift]+W - Float down and jump left
[Shift]+I - Turn screen upside down
[Shift]+B - Blank out non-animated objects
[Alt]+N - Skip to next level
[Alt]+D - Create a DUMP?.TXT file

Start on the given level

Start the game with PRINCE YIPPEEYAHOO LEVELn to begin at level number n (1 to 14).

Other command-line parameters

Check parameters.html and tips2.html.

When and where can I turn into the shadow or the flame?

You will need to have 11 or 12 potions, then press keys: left-right-left-right-... (or right-left-right-left-...) until you turn into the shadow or the flame.

PoP2 versions 1.0 and 1.1

Shadow: Levels 10, 11, 12 and 13.
Flame: Level 14 (B).

PoP2 version IR

Shadow: Levels 10, 11, 12 and 13.
Flame: Levels 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 (B). And this is the explanation for this:
This is another bug in the IR version (only in this version) in which you can turn into the flame in all the temple levels.
PoP2    PoP2
How to do it: Gain enough potions ; turn into your shadow (or press Shift-S) ; press Shift-K to decrease your health till one potion ; press Shift-T to increase your health till the maximum (12 potions) ; and voila, you will turn into the flame ... enjoy the great scene ;).

Hex Editing

Time available and starting hit points
Offsets: 1.0: 0x010A50 1.1: 0x0107A6 IR: 0x010586
4B 00 for the time
CF 02 for the time (seconds)
03 for hit points

Disabling cinematics at the beginning of each level
Offsets: 1.0: 0x04b40 1.1: 0x049bc
0C to 06

Changing the time of Alt-N without cheat activation
Offsets: 1.0: 0x02624 1.1: 0x024a0 IR: 0x0240a
0F 00 for the time available when not playing with cheats