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Prince of Persia 1 - Fat Guard Fix

A fix file for the classic Prince of Persia game.


Fat guard was meant to be killed by the Prince in the course of 6th level either by life points drain or by falling but not by deadly traps so, whenever the player manages to kill him by chomper or by spikes, fat guard will always disappear because there are no "chomped" or "spiked" animations in the original "fat.dat" file; this is why the Author put all his efforts to draw these animations and set proper palette for the joy of all level makers who lacked a bloody fight between Prince and fat guy.

Screenshots of new spiked and chomped animations for fat guard

Prince of Persia 1 Fat Guard Fix


Just replace original "fat.dat" file stored in the game root with the "fat.dat" file bundled in the zip package along with this readme. Before replacing file, it is safe to make a backup of old file so that you can revert to previous situation in case of (unexpected) troubles with new file.




Fixed "fat.dat" file was scanned with updated antivirus before the Author sent it to webmaster of Prince Of Persia Unofficial Website (http://popuw.com/) for allow public download of the fix. Since Fat Guard Fix is subjected to further redistribution, Author declines liability for any damage directly or indirectly caused by the fix which is provided "as is" and the end-user accepts to not blame or sue Author for aforementioned damage. On a side note, Fat Guard Fix is not in any way considered official and supported from legitimate owners of Prince of Persia copyrights. Furthermore, this fix was created and tested only under a Windows O.S. with DOSBox emulator and therefore there are no guarantees it will work under any different system. End-user always uses at his/her own risk.


Author of fix is Guido Rizzo Cavadi.