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Video walkthroughs for Prince of Persia 1

The first complete video walkthrough for the game created by Hubai Tamas. Completed in 20 minutes, and it shows the basic tricks needed to play fast.

To download it, click here: walkthrough.7z (29.1 MB)

NOTE: The video is in ZMBV (dosbox capture format), while the audio is encoded with the lossy Vorbis codec (To reduce the size), so you'll need both codecs to play it. To install the ZMBV codec. read here: problems.html.

Current Prince of Persia 1 World Record! 14:07

Check out Karlgamer's speedrun of PoP 1 beating the high score record (completed in 14:07).

Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/535333915

Prince of Persia 1 World Record! 14:17

Using all the known tricks, Gavin Ward has managed to beat the high score record of PoP 1 (completed in 14:17).

Part1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvlNppHraWs
Part2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8Kw2pA6hb8

12 segments, with saves made at the start of each level, and using all known tricks. I'll be improving it by a few seconds when I get a new old DOS soundcard so I can satisfy those who frown at emulators, hence why it's labelled as as a test run :D

Also, thanks to iswami for the tricks video a short while ago. There were a couple in there that I didn't know about, which made me finally decide to make an effort to improve my crappy time of 16:30.

Time breakdown:
.1-2 - 58'16"27 - 1'43"73
....3 - 56'41"72 - 1'34"55
....4 - 55'49"07 - 0'52"66
....5 - 55:05.18 - 0:43.89
....6 - 54'46"56 - 0'18"61
....7 - 53'33"63 - 1'12"93
....8 - 51'47"40 - 1'46"23
....9 - 49'38"47 - 2'08"93
..10 - 48'36"30 - 1'02"17
..11 - 47'25"54 - 1'10"76
12a - 46'06"76 - 1'18"78
12b - 45'43"56 - 0'23"20

A couple of explanations for the things that aren't obvious just by watching it:

Another video walkthrough for Prince of Persia 1

Here's another video walkthrough for PoP1 made by decod31. NOTE: The video has been speeded and split into two parts. PS: This is a straight video walkthrough - no speed runs, shortcuts and tricks. (It's a good walkthrough for players who are new to PoP1)

PART I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js-s0abc3Qo
PART II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDpbQ7VlCTI

PoP1 Speed Skills movie

A PoP1 Tricks collection movie (all bugs/tricks are put together / performed by iswami).

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwIXcvm5nZE

If you want to improve your time try to overcome other guards just like level 1, it is possible with some of them, you need some space between him and you and the right timing. For example it is possible to overcome the second guard of level 2! The trick is very similar to the one of level 1, but this time you have the sword: when you stop (just for a moment) before the guard, push down to take off the sword and then run and jump again! It is possible to use this approach with the first guard of level 2 too.. well it's done too (in the movie), but this is another way of making it! The most important thing is finding the right position from where entering the room... you must try until you find it! NOTE: In the end of level 2 (in this movie) you have to jump to a platform on which the final switch is situated. The jump back to can done in a faster way by using a large hump instead of a small jump.

Sammieboy's Prince of Persia Speedrun

Playlist [click]
This is a playlist. The videos are arranged on level. Remaining time is 41:03

Using the sword

The prince does not draw his sword, why on earth is he refusing to use it? Why did he pick it up in the first place?

You must first find the sword. However, you can't draw it out unless you're facing your enemies and it will be drawn automatically. You can re-draw it by pressing SHIFT.

The Shadow

What to do with the shadow? If I kill him, I die too! What the hell is going on?

Just put your sword away, then run towards the shadow. He will do the same. He will merge into you. Then run to the left. Keep running. Even off the edge. A magic bridge will appear and take you to the last part. Watch out for falling rocks. The best thing to do is keep running. Then climb up and go to the right where Jaffar will be waiting for you. Fight him. The door will open, then go through it.

Text walkthroughs for Prince of Persia 1


Runthrough Prince of Persia 1 (Written by Tammo Jan Dijkema and Rob Dave) (http://www.tammo80.nl/prince/)
I assume you can play Prince. If you can't it may be a good idea to do some practicing. Level 1 (the normal route) is quite suitable for this purpose. When I'm talking about jumping in this document I mean you first have to walk some steps and then jump. You get a lot further this way.

Walking fast:
Jumping while running is faster than just running. So if there's a straight end without any holes or spikes, jump while running, it may save seconds.
Jumping through gates:
You can jump through some gates even while they're almost close and you can't walk through.
Knocking a tile loose:
Jump to the ceiling, so the stones will fall. Before they do, crouch and stand up again. For some reason you don't loose any lifes now.
Walking past guards:
Make sure you get real close to the guard. Most of the time you can do this by not drawing your sword until you're really close. As soon as you've got your sword walk past the guard (just hammer the arrow key). Once you've changed places get the guard at a distance. You can do this by stabbing him once, getting him to defend twice or letting him hit you. Now put your sword down (down arrow), turn around and walk on. Bye bye!
Extra lifes:
Generally speaking it's not necessary to take them, it just takes time.

Level 1:

In the second screen you enter, walk right to the screen with the guard. You haven't got a sword yet so you can't get past him. Stand on the left of the screen and get the guard to follow you into the screen on the left. Get him to stand as far as possible to the left. In the screen to the left there's a loose tile in the ceiling. This way you can get past the guard without even touching him, and finish level 1 without the sword.

Prince of Persia 1

Level 2:

This is a standard level, although it is the widest level of the game. In the beginning you can jump left twice and pass the guard. Pass the next guard too. Just before the next guard jump at the edge of the screen so you can pass him easily. This also works for the next guy. As soon as you can go to the left, do that. There's a loose tile in the ceiling.

Prince of Persia 1

Level 3:

Once you're through the gate (after the giant leap) you can jump three times. Now climb onto the trigger for the gate. Wait a second and then make two running jumps. You jump through the chopper. Now climb back and open the door. When you get back to the chopper, just jump through it and jump again. The skeleton now resurrects. Walk past him, but don't put back your sword. Just keep walking backwards. When you fall, grab onto the ledge (with Shift). Bye bye skeleton!

Prince of Persia 1

Level 4:

Very easy. You can jump through the first chopper and walk past the guard without any problems. You'll have to kill the yellow guard. Never mind the second chopper, just walk through it (don't jump). If you didn't know yet: jump through the mirror.

Prince of Persia 1   Prince of Persia 1

Level 5:
To get past the first guard easily, wait at the left of the plateau. Wait 'till he's real close, and then pass him and stab him twice (he falls). You can easily get past the next three guards. Don't try to get the extra life, you can't.

Level 6:

Walk to the right to trigger the gate. Turn around and jump twice. Stop for a second an walk on (you can jump once). Just walk past the fat guy. At the end of the level, jump.

Prince of Persia 1

Level 7:

Walk past the first guy. Watch out for the chopper. Two sections to the right, jump the loose tile from the ceiling. Climb up and directly jump twice to the right. Walk past the guy. If you want to, you can jump once now. Get through the gates, climb down and grab on to the first ledge. Jump twice, walk on and jump again (hang on) and you've passed two more sections. Climb up twice. If you're lucky you can get past the guy (if not, start again). At the end of the level get the green potion and jump down.

Prince of Persia 1   Prince of Persia 1

Level 8:

You can walk past the first guy, though it's rather difficult. Get to stand real close to him Once you're all the way down just walk through the chopper and keep on jumping (over the spikes of course). Walk past the green guy. In the screen with the purple guy stop right when you enter the screen and then walk past him. When you're between the two choppers you can jump twice. Now jump over the two holes and keep on running (don't jump). Stop at the orange guy and kill him fast. You have to keep two lifes! Jump over the trigger that closes the fence and jump again (grab on). Now jump three times. Open the door and walk back (push the right arrow once). As soon as you're standing still start jumping again (through the gate). Go left and finish the level (this was a tough one).

Prince of Persia 1   Prince of Persia 1

Level 9:

Go left and jump once. Keep on running and jump again before the choppers. You should be able to get past the blue guy. Kill the next guy you see (into the spikes). On your way back you can jump twice. Go through the gate and go down (!) and left, where you have to drop some loose stones. Get past the purple guy. When you're about to climb down a long way (don't): jump right and grab on just when you're about to splash. For some reason the chopper doesn't work! Get past the last guy too.

Prince of Persia 1   Prince of Persia 1

Level 10:

Walk past the first guy (watch out for the loose tiles). Now jump twice, but stop while you're on the left of the purple guy. Now walk on with careful steps (Shift+walk), so that the guard keeps facing left. Now climb up, get past the guard and throw him down. The yellow guard is quite easy to kill: wait at the right of the screen 'till you can walk past him. Now stab him into the gate. Open the gate on the left (loose tiles in the ceiling). Trigger the exit door and jump off at the left of the platform. Now you can get past the last guard real quick.

Prince of Persia 1   Prince of Persia 1
Prince of Persia 1

Level 11:

Just before the chopper there's a loose tile. Kick it out and climb up. You can jump twice now, then keep on running. When you're at the right, climb down. When you pushed the purple guy down jump to the right and grab on twice. Walk past the blue guy and push him down. When you get back (after you've opened the gate), jump right over him and get to level 12 quickly.

Prince of Persia 1

Level 12:

When you're climbing up at the right side, keep on climbing 'till you can't go any further. Now take one careful step to the left. Turn around and jump up three times. Now climb up and jump to the right. When you meet your shadow put your sword down easily and walk into him. Walk into nothing. You now enter level 12a.

Prince of Persia 1

Level 12a:

Jump to all screens quickly. When you're in the screen with Jaffar walk on 'till right after the loose tiles. You now fall, so grab on and climb up. You can easily get past Jaffar now. Stab him once (just hammer the arrow up and shift at the same time) and he'll fall. Finished! (Please be careful not to fall as well...)

Prince of Persia 1

See an animated gif of the trick to defeat Jaffar (0.5 meg)

Level 13:
Time has stopped, so take it easy. Say hello to the princess for us.

Jan and Rob.



Level One

Go all the way to the left of the dungeon and get the sword. Go back the way you came and kill the guard using the sword. The door plate is on the shelf in the same screen as the door.

Level Two

When jumping use the fire button on the joystick or the SHIFT key on the keyboard to hold on to the ledges.

Level Three

After you get to the top of the tower, you can go one of two ways: two screens to the left you will find a closed gate on the far side of a chasm (To open this gate you must find the pressure plate. If you go back to the right it looks as if there is nowhere to go, but if you take a 'leap of faith' to the right you'll land safely. The plate to open the gate is two more platforms to the right. If you take another 'leap of faith' to the right of the plate, you will find additional areas to explore as well as a potion for extra life. When you trigger the gate open, you have to run and jump back to the left to the gate before it closes. This takes some practice to determine which platforms you can run and jump from and which ones you have to take half steps to cross. You can't stop running, if you do the gate will be closed when you reach it. When you approach the gate, it will be closing. but if you jump and hold the SHIFT key down, you can grab the opposite wall and pull yourself up using the up arrow. You can do this even if the gate is partially closed. Follow the corridor all the way to the left. The plate to trigger the door is down and to the right, in the same screen as the door. Once you trigger the door open you will encounter a skeleton on the way back which you will have to fight. The skeleton doesn't have any life so you'll have to force him over the edge. When you follow him down, he comes back to 'life' and must be forced off the edge again.

Level Four

In the fourth screen to the left you have to run over the loose plate on the left of the screen. This keeps one of the gates open. Extra life is all the way to the left. The door plate is over to the right on the second level. When you come back to go through the door there is something, blocking your way. This is a mirror. To get through the mirror you will have to run and jump through it. Good timing is required. When you jump through the mirror, your alter ego will be released. This will take all but one life from you. You will see your alter ego later in the game.

Level Five

Go right and all the way up to the upper right hand side of the dungeon. There is an extra life potion here. When you go to retrieve the potion, your alter ego appears and steals it. There is no way to retrieve this. To get to the other side, lower yourself down in the middle screen where the door is. You can now jump to the other side with the gate open.

Levels Six & Seven

Go all the way to the left of the dungeon. When you jump across to the ledge on the other side, your alter ego steps on the on the plate to the gate and makes you fall. This will bring you to level seven. You have to press and hold the shift key to grab onto the ledge on level seven as you fall. When you get to the point between two gates, you'll have a set of spears that come up from the floor. You'll also have a plate that triggers the opening of the second gate and a plate that triggers it shut again. You have to run and jump over the spears, but you have to jump before you trigger the gate shut. This takes some practice. When you get to the end of the corridor you have to drop yourself down. When you do this you have to press and hold the button to grab the ledge of the next level down. Go to the right and take a leap of faith to the right.

Level Eight

Begin the level by going to the left. After defeating the first swordsman, leap the chasm and climb down, then proceed to the right. There will be two swordsmen that you encounter. After defeating them, you will have to make a running jump at the end of the passage and grab the opposite wall using the SHIFT key and pull yourself up using the UP arrow. Next climb up two levels and make a leap back to the left. To get past the next fighter, you have to barely step into the screen. After defeating him, there are three jumps to the left. You must time the second jump correctly so that you land on the edge of the pedestal and can continue running to make the third jump. If you fall short on the second jump and have to pull yourself up, you will never have enough momentum to make the third jump. You should fall down one level, take the damage and go back and try again. To get the gate open after you trigger the gate to level nine, wait in the screen where the gate is closed and the mouse will trigger the gate open for you. IF YOU LEAVE THIS SCREEN AND COME BACK, THE MOUSE WILL NOT COME. YOU HAVE TO STAY IN THIS SCREEN FOR THE MOUSE TO COME AND OPEN THE GATE.

Level Nine

The key to this level is the screen where the door to the following level appears. On this screen there are two patios on either side, overlooking the screen. Both of these patios look inaccessible because they are too high to jump to and the passage leading to each respective patio is blocked by a gate. The patio on the left contains the pressure plate to open the door to level ten. Under the right hand patio there is a pressure plate to open the gate to the left patio. The right patio sits above the right side pressure plate. If the gate to the right side is triggered and the player walks over the patio, a set of loose boards will fall on the right side pressure plate and keep the gate open that leads to the left patio and the pressure plate that opens the door to level 10. IF YOU DRINK THE BLUE POTION, THE SCREEN WILL TURN UPSIDE DOWN. IT WILL REMAIN UPSIDE DOWN UNTIL YOU DRINK ANOTHER POTION. THIS MAY LOOK

Level Ten

Kill the guard that is guarding the door to the next level all the way to the left. Go to the right and kill the first guard. An easy way to kill the second guard to the right is to use small steps when you are walking under him. This will prevent him from hearing you coming, and turning around. If you climb up and he is facing the other way, you will be able to kill him. Once you kill him, go back all the way to the left to trigger the door to the next level.

Level Eleven

Go to the right and make a running jump. Hold the SHIFT key down to grab the opposite ledge and pull yourself up. Just before the blades jump up and knock a tile out of the ceiling and climb up (you do not have to fight the guard on the other side of the blade.). Once you climb up, run all the way to the right. All the plates will fall except for the last one against the wall. If you stop running you will fall, so keep running until you get to the wall, then climb down. The fallen plates will prevent the gate from closing. When you defeat the next guard, make a running jump to the right and hold the SHIFT key to hang on to the ledge then pull yourself up. The pad to open the gate to level twelve is to the right after one more fight.

Level Twelve

The passage to the top of the dungeon involves a zig-zag path (left-right) going up a couple of levels on each respective side. If you are having a problem getting to the top a rule of thumb to remember is that you must keep running through the different parts of the dungeon. If you stop moving to study the screen, in most cases you will be unable to continue further. To begin level twelve, go one screen to the right and climb two levels up the tower, then cross to the opposite side of the tower and climb three more levels. Next, half step through the spikes and take off running, to the left making a running jump as you approach the edge. Hold the SHIFT key when you land to grab the ledge. Then pull yourself up and climb more levels. Put your back to the wall and make a running jump to the right, continue non-stop to the right. Where you see the skeleton, climb one level and jump to knock the loose tiles and climb two levels. Run to the left and jump as soon as you begin to leave the screen, then climb one level. If your timing is just a little off, you may be able to hold the SHIFT key and grab the opposite ledge. Now run to the left and make a running jump. When you land, climb up four levels (past the closed gate) to the pressure pad that opens the gate. When you trigger the pressure pad you will see a sword on the ground one level above you but there is no way to get it yet. Climb back down one level and go through the now open gate to get enough room for a running jump to the right. Hold the SHIFT key to grab the ledge as you land then go one more tower to the right and stop. Climb the right hand side of the tower, and stop in the middle of the platform, facing to the right. Jump to knock a tile loose above you, then climb through the hole, still facing to the right. Half-step to the wall, then make a running jump over the opening you made and continue to the left to the sword. When you reach the sword, your alter ego reappears, picks it up and points it at you. You will never be able to defeat your alter ego. You have to put your sword away (using the DOWN arrow key). When you do this, your alter ego will do the same; he will do the same. Run toward him and you will merge with him into one person. From this position you have to go one screen to the left. It doesn't look like you can go anywhere, but if you take a leap of faith over the edge a walkway will appear as you run. This will lead you to fight Jaffar himself. After you defeat Jaffar a door will open so you can save the Princess.


One of the biggest and the most complete walkthrough for the game ever made. It is written by Eizaz Azhar.


German walkthrough for Prince of Persia 1

Written by Maurice Kaltofen

Last updated on 19.01.2008: Fixed some typos and added some hints!

Nach unten laufen und durch die lose Bodenplatte aus der Zelle ausbrechen. Jetzt erstmal nach links und den Fallen ausweichen, bis man zu einem Schwert kommt. Aufheben. Wieder den ganzen Weg zurück bis zum Raum unter der Zelle und nach rechts, die Wache umbringen. Dann weiter nach rechts, den Schalter auf der Säule betätigen und der Rest ist geschenkt.

Nicht gerade genauso aufregend wie der letzte Level. Einfach nach links bewegen und unterwegs die Wachen töten. Wenn du willst, kannst du auch mal ein paar Geheimgänge anschauen und dir dort ein wenig die Energie auffrischen (die kleinen, roten Tränke). Wie auch immer, irgendwann solltest du in einem Raum mit einem Tor und zwei kleinen Tränken mit unterschiedlicher Farbe sein. Nicht den blauen trinken! Gift! Statdessen den roten trinken (nur, wenn nötig) und nach links laufen. Du solltest bei einer klippenartigen Struktur ankommen. Wache unten töten und in den Raum daneben. Dort himauf und den großen Trank trinken (diese heilen dich komplett und fügen einen zusätzlichen Energiepunkt hinzu). Wie auch immer, hast du ihn getrunken, begib dich wieder runter und nach links. Klettere von dort aus so weit nach oben, bis es nicht mehr weitergeht und springe dann wieder nach rechts. Klettere auf den Boden über dir und bringe auch diese Wache um. Laufe dann so weit nach links, bis du zu einem Loch kommst. Betätige den Schalter und springe dann wieder zurück, um zum Ausgang zu kommen.

Drücke Strg.+G, um dein Spiel jetzt zu speichern. Stirbst du in diesem Level, drücke Strg.+R und dann Strg.+L, um all deine verlorene Zeit zurückzubekommen. Wie auch immer, hast du abgespeichert (das solltest du an jedem Levelanfang ab Level 3 machen), laufe nach rechts und klettere nach ganz oben rechts. Springe nach rechts (keine Sorge, dir passiert nichts). Du solltest jetzt auf einem Breiten Turm landen. Falls nicht, hast du irgendwas falsch gemacht. Springe über die anderen zwei Türme und nochmal nach rechts von dem dritten Turm aus. Im nächsten Raum ist ein noch größerer Turm. irgendwo in der Decke ist eine Bodenplatte lose. Finde sie und bringe sie zum Fallen (mach dich bloß aus dem Staub, wenn sie runterkommt!). Klettere dann in das neu entstandene Loch und bahne dir deinen Weg durch die drei Fallen, um den großen Trank zu bekommen. Gehe jetzt den ganzen Weg zu den drei kleinen Türmen zurück und beeile dich, denn das Tor ist sehr weit links! Hast du es geschafft, Glückwunsch! Falls nicht, Pech gehabt. (Hinweis: Solltest du von diesem Punkt aus sterben, landest du wieder hier, also brauchst du nicht unbedingt neuladen) Laufe von dort aus jedenfalls weiter nach links und öffne den Ausgang. Das Skelett, an dem du vorhin vorbeigegangen bist, erwacht jetzt zum Leben! Stoße es einfach die Schlucht runter und falle hinterher, um es ein für allemal auszuschalten. (Hinweis: Du kannst, nachdem du es zum ersten Mal runtergestoßen hast, auch hinterherkletten, aber nach dem Runterklettern sofort wieder hochziehen. Das Skelett bewegt sich dadurch an dir vorbei. Wenn es den Raum verlassen hat, lass dich fallen und renn nach links) Danach kanst du getrost durch den Ausgang und nach...

Öffne das linke Tor und gehe durch. Laufe so weit nach links wie möglich, während du sämtliche lose Bodenplatten, denen du begegnest, versenkst. Irgendwann kommst du zu noch einem großen Trank. Gehe jetzt wieder zurück. Im Raum links neben dem Anfangsraum gehe runter und nach rechts, bis du nur noch hoch kannst. von dort aus wieder so weit nach rechts wie möglich und den Schalter drücken. Springe auf dem Weg zum Ausgang durch den Spiegel (hoffentlich hast du die gelbe Wache umgebracht!) und beende den Level.

Gehe nach rechts und töte die Wache auf dem höheren Bereich. Gehe weiter hoch und nach links. (Wenn du willst, gehe nicht links, sondern rechts. Versuch dir doch mal, den Trank zu holen...) Halte dich am linken Balkon fest und lass dich auf einen niedrigeren Balkon fallen. Von dort aus gehst du einfach solange nach links, bis du den Ausgang erriecht hast.

Gehe soweit nach links, bis du zu einem dickeren Wachtposten kommst. Dieser ist schon schwiereiger und wird viel Geschick mit dem Schwert erfordern (immer [HOCH] und [SHIFT] schnell hintereinander drücken). Hast du ihn letzendlich doch besiegt, gehe weiter nach links und lasse dich durch das große Loch fallen.

Halte SHIFT gedrückt, sobald der Level beginnt! Klettere hoch und laufe solange nach rechts, bis du zu einer großen Schlucht kommst. Dort wirst du niemals rüber kommen, also mach dir keine Mühe. Klettere lieber runter. Halte SHIFT gedrückt, während du fällst und es wird alles gut gehen. Falle nochmal und klettere dann hoch. Hast du es richtig gemacht, sollte der nächste Raum zwei kleine Löcher beinhalten. Springe mit Anlauf über beide und begib dich nach rechts. Springe mit Anlauf wieder aus dem Bildschirm und du solltest ein Tor sehen. Springe durch dieses (und pass auf, dass du nicht auf den Schalter fällst!) und trinke den großen Trank am Ende. Springe wieder zurück und klettere die Säulen hoch. begib dich nach links und nutze den grünen Trank, um nach unten zu schweben und den Knopf zum Levelausgang zu drücken.

Lauf nach links, bis es nicht mehr weitergeht und dann runter. Dann nach rechts, bis es nicht mehr weitergeht und hoch. Nach links, bis es nicht mehr weiterghet und den Ausgang öffnen. Das Tor ist mit Sicherheit schon zu, wenn du wiederkommst, aber die Maus, die du in der Szene davor gesehen hast, hilft dir. Klettere runter, laufe nach links und beende den Level.

Laufe nach links, bis es nicht mehr weitergeht und kletter hoch. Von dort aus, laufe weiter nach rechts, bis du zu einer Schlucht kommst. Kletter rechts hoch und gehe oben nach rechts. Betätge den Schalter und beeile dich nach links und durch das Tor. Klettere zuerst runter und lasse die lose Bodenplatte fallen. laufe wieder zurück und kletere nach oben, bis es nicht mehr weitergeht. Von dort aus, nach rechts - also 4 Räume, um genau zu sein. Lasse die losen Bodenplatten fallen und trinke den grünen Trank NICHT! (Er wird den Bildschirm auf den Kopf stellen.) Stattdessen, gehe nach links und trinke den großen roten. (Solltest du den Bildschrim auf dem Kopf stehend haben, gehe runter und trinke den Trank dort, um den Fehler zu beheben.) Jetzt nach unten und nach rechts um den Level zu beenden.

Dieser Level ist sehr kurz. Gehe nach rechts und töte die Wache. Gehe noch einen Raum nach rechts und SCHLEICHE zu den Säulen. Klettere hinauf und bringe diese Wache um. Lauf jetzt nach links, bis es nicht mehr weitergeht, öffne den Ausgang und beende den Level.

Gehe nach rechts und springe im nächsten Raum über die Schlucht. Lasse die lose Bodenplatte RECHTS VON DER SÄULE fallen und klettere hoch. Renne nach links und halte auf der letzten Bodenplatte an. Trinke den Trank, den du schon gesehen hast und gehe wieder nach rechts. Irgendwann solltest du zu einer Wache kommen. Eine Falle trennt euch. Jetzt laufe dort NICHT durch! Lasse die lose bodenplatte über ihr fallen und renne nach rechts, bis du festen Boden hast, d.h., bis es nicht mehr weitergeht. Klettere runter und öffne das Tor. Begib dich so weit nach rechts, bis es nicht mehr geht und öffne den Ausgang um auch diesen Level zu beenden.

Laufe nach rechts und erklimme den rechten Turm. Von dort aus, renne über die losen Bodenplatten zum linken und springe von dort aus ab. Klettere ein wenig hoch und laufe wieder über die Türme. Dieses Spiel wiederholt sich jetzt, bis du oben bist, also gibt es hier wenig zu sagen. Bist du endlich auf der Spitze des rechten Turms, stelle dich an den rechten Rand, dreh dich nach links, springe hoch und klettere SOFORT, NACH DEM DU LANDEST, wider runter. Hörst du das Aufschlagen von Boden auf Boden, klettere wieder hoch und begib dich nach rechts. Vereine dich mit deinem Schattenbild (Schwert einstecken mit [RUNTER] und reinrennen) und warte, bis du aufhörst zu blinken. Jetzt laufe über die Luft nach links (keine Sorge. Tu's einfach) und beende diesen Teil. Solltest du über die Luft rennen, WÄHREND du blinkst, wirst du ABSTÜRZEN!

In den ersten zwei Räumen wartest du, bis die Decke gefallen ist und läufst erst dann los. Kommst du links nicht mehr weiter, klettere hoch und springe nach links. Jaffar ist nicht gerade einfach, also nutze dieselbe Technik, die du schon bei der dicken Wache benutzt hast und der ist schnell Geschichte. Nun springe VORSICHTIG über die zwei Schluchten und laufe die Treppe hoch.

Öffne die Tore und laufe nach links, bis du die Endsequenz zu Gesicht bekommst.

,,Der Tyrann ist tot, seine Macht gebrochen.

Im ganzen Land feiern die Menschen ihre Prinzessin. . .

und den tapferen jungen Mann, der sie vor den Mächten des Bösen rettete.

Kein Fremder mehr, soll er von diesem Tage nur noch einen Namen tragen:


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