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Prince of Persia Hints, Tips and Tricks.

Basic techniques for playing the game.

Save/Load games

Saves game. You have to be at least at Level 3 to save. Anything lower and Prince won't save. Also note that you can only save 1 game at a time. Any more and your previous game will be deleted. To back up your game, copy the Prince.sav file into a different folder, or rename it.

Loads a saved game. Press this during the intro screen.

Prince of Persia 1 Tricks.


- To avoid fighting the guards, you can easily bypass them by moving toward them and therefore swapping them into the other side, now put your sword down and run. Unlike PoP2, in PoP1 it's impossible to fight more than one guard at a time.

- Make the person your fighting make the first move, block it and counter attack. But if you make the first move he blocks and counter attacks you and so on and eventually you get wounded cause you don't block in time especially with Jaffar.

- There is a little trick to fight against the guards which don't move: when you are in front of the guard, put down the sword... now that you are without sword the guard will get near you... you soon have to clasp the sword again and you'll hit the guard easily; do this for n times, where n is the number of lives of the guard!

Sliding trick: Another great trick. This trick saves a lot of times and 'works' : when you have only two floors, you move left and right, then you are able to jump. You can use this trick in level 12a when climbing the tower.

Hang-balancing trick: Crouch down and when you are in the hang-balancing position to a floor, keep pressing shift until the prince falls down by himself.

Music: You can press the pause button at the end of every level to pause the game while the music is playing. When the music is done, you can unpause. This means you can save time even with the sound on (because the clock doesn't keep going while the music plays).

Floor tiles: Did you know that you can avoid losing a life when letting the loose floor fall on you? Just crouch in the right time (needs a really good timing), but after practicing a bit you can save a few lives. Anyway, it looks like a bug of the game ;)

2 other simple mindless tricks with the floor tiles:

1.after you knock a loose tile in the ceiling and have no place to go you can avoid being hit by sitting in the right place(standing up)-the tile will fall on you but won't hurt you. From what I've seen this only happens in the mirror level at one point shortly after starting the level.

2.This one's not actually a trick, it's a no-brainer: standing one story higher than a guard and killing him by knocking a loose tile on his head.

P.S. : another simple trick is in level 2(SNES version)-after you walking slowly to avoid attracting attention of the guard that's blocking the access to the life-enhancing potion when you fight him quickly switch places and hit him so as he falls in the spikes underneath(it's a much quicker way to defeat him).

A tip for when you jump and then cling onto a platform, but want to DROP DOWN follow the prince's legs. when they are pointing towards the platform you want to land on, let go of the ledge. sometimes he can fall if his legs are swinging out away from the platform

Pass first level without taking the sword and fighting guards.

This is a well-known trick in PoP1; you can pass first level without taking the sword and fighting guards.
Download video: level1.rar
Please note: In order to view the video, you need to execute the ZMBV codec (read here for more information: problems.html).

If you can't watch the video, here's the text solution. ;) (by dpm on Sat Dec 02 2000 at 13:49:35 in everything2).

Steps to defeating the first level of Prince Of Persia without getting the sword.

This has been tested extensively on the PC version with hardware dating from a Tandy 1000, to a Pentium III system. I have heard that on the Nintendo version to get past the first guard it is as easy as running towards him and jumping at an appropriate time, causing you to jump past (through) him. Thanks to my childhood chum, John L.P., who says he dreamt the below method up.

If the visual aid at the end of this writeup appears distorted, I apologize. I have tried to write these instructions so as not to require the visual aid, but it sure helps!

Beginning room (Room 1): Not much to do here except fall down to Room 2.

Room 2: From this room there is a guard in the room to your right (Room 3), and the sword is quite a few rooms to your left. Take only a few steps into Room 3.

Room 3: The guard will advance upon you, be patient and turn your back on him. Be sure to be as close as possible to the exit to Room 2. The guard will pass the torch and just about be in front of the patch of brick on the wall. Run NOW, back into Room 2.

Back in Room 2 If the Guard did NOT follow you: He has taken up position just outside the exit to Room 3. To lure him into Room 2 try running towards Room 3, but change direction at the last minute. The character will slide along the floor in order to change direction, and you will appear in Room 3 for less than a second. The guard should take up chase now.

Back in Room 2: Run all the way to the left side of Room 2, and position yourself beneath the ledge that will take you in to Room 4. The guard will continue to advance slowly. When he has advanced to the point between the column and the rightmost torch pull yourself up onto the ledge. This is the most crucial step, and will require the guard to be positioned just right if you are going to make it past him. He should be to the left of the rightmost torch OR blocking your view of the torch.

Room 4: Find the hidden ceiling panel, climb up into Room 5.

Room 5: On the right side are 2 ledges, climb up these so you are at the top level of Room 5. The top ledge will be a floor switch, It will open the gate to your right. Jump across and through the gate. This will bring you back into Room 1.

Room 1 (again): Not much to do here except fall down to Room 2. Take care to orient your character so when you hit the ground in Room 2 you will be facing Room 3. Also, lower yourself down by holding onto the ledge, hanging, then dropping.

Room 2: RUN!!! You will hit the ground, the guard will turn around but politely wait for you to stand up before attempting to slay you. If you positioned the guard correctly he will not have time to cut you in half if you take off as soon as you can.

Room 3: Proceed to Room 6. I like to do some victory jumps here.

Room 6: Finish the level as normal.

I hope this helps you save a few precious minutes you can use to finish the game.

What about the sword? Since when you encounter the guard at the beginning of Level 2 you draw a sword, we must assume our hero found a spare sword on the staircase somewhere (they make that question in the strategy guide as well :D maybe he found the guards that were carrieng him to his cell (they stripped him of his weapons) and killed them and took his sword or something).

Visual Aid:

|C # # |XXXX|
|C t t # # |XXXX|
|C____________#__ _____# __________|XXXX|
|XXXX|______ _C__|XXXXXXXXXXXX|___C_ ____|X|__________________________________________
|#_______ C__________C__ |XXX 2 XX| |XXXXXXXXXXXX 3 XXXXXXXXXXX| |
|XXXXXXX||XXXXXXXXXXXXX| t C t C C C t t C C t ddd t |
|XXXXXXX||XXX 4 XXXXXXX|____C_____C______C____C__________________C__C_______ddd_________|

Key: C=Column t=Torch #=Gate d=Ending Door S=Spikes


In the Megadrive version you can pass the guard without killing him in seconds and you will finish much quicker than you do in the DOS version but it counts for the Megadrive version alone. What you do is you place yourself by walking on jumping up on a certain somewhere in the second room below the first room, then do a running jump just before the guard stabs and immediately do another running jump. The sword will seemingly have gone through you, but you have skipped him cleverly alive. Not only does this technique skip most guards, but when you do it once, it is counted as a cheat that grants you the ability to draw you sword automatically when an enemy is facing you. It will be a bit frustrating in the first few tries trying to skip a guard, but once you get into practice you can try and create your shortest time record in the Megadrive version.

Forum Topic: http://popuw.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=377

Pass first level quickly.

Submitted by ERTS: There is a way to run past the first guard in the first level, which even cuts some more time in world record attempt. You must be very exited right now :D I tried and I did it, but it takes some practice to make this trick work, so don't think you can past him at first attempt ;) Run at full speed into the screen where the first guard is, then stop for a sec. At this moment guard stops too and look at you like you're up to something :) But remember, you stopped only for a sec. Then start running again and try to jump past at him. Right before your jump he attacks you, but don't worry you're too far for this. At this point, you should have changed your positions. If you managed to get past him, immediately start running again. He tries to attack you, and like first time he misses you again. And then you can finish this level without any difficulties ;) With this trick you can finish first level with 60 min. left and it's very good start to your record attempt ;)

Here is the video: Recorded by CoNaZ: Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LTP74J7H.
You have to try and stop for a split second on the crack of the second and third tiles in the frame with the guard. ( See Movie )
And then you continue running for a another split second and then press up - So you do a running jump. And get past the guard.

And here's the gif animation (recorded by me):

In this gif, you will save around one second, there's no need to stop at all. I think the trick is to jump over the guard before two tiles when he strikes. Not sure if it is necessary to move him one step. It can also be done on the Mac version (as well as most of the other tricks).

STOP exactly on the third crack from the left of the screen with the guard. So the third crack is directly in the middle of the 3rd and 4th box. After you have made a complete stop, make a running jump immediately to your right.
Start running towards the right from this position: in the screen left from the guard, on the third crack[*]. That way, it works every time, because you always stop exactly on the third crack in the next room. Anyone can do it... :)
[*] You have to start exactly on the third crack. To position yourself there, do the following: climb up the wall on the left, turn around, jump, take a small step towards the right.

Forum Topic: http://popuw.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1014

Level 2

On level 2, in the beginning you can hang down until you can't anymore and catch the ledge without dying (non-useful cause you're stuck).

Level 3

On level 3 when you're about to fight the skeleton, run and jump ON his bones and with your sword out move to the right and hold on go down and bye-bye skeleton!

Level 4

You can manage to make the guard on level 4 to the right of the starting position step on the opening tile next to him and cut down the half of the level. Here's how to do it:
Run to the right until you can, then press right until the guard turns left.
Go as close to the gate as you can.
Turn to the left, then to the right.
Now the prince takes his sword and puts it back.
Then run once to the right.
Turn left, then press down (or up) twice.
Turn right, run right and immediately press left.
Now the guard should open the gate and you can go through.
(The first part, until the prince puts his swords back, can be done a bit faster - you can run from the start position two tiles to the right, then he stops at the column and puts back the sword. From there, you can continue with your solution).
Here's also a video for this trick: http://savefile.com/files/229557 (Note: in this video solution, when the prince dies, you move directly to level 12b (this is another known bug, it's possible due to the 14 minutes left)). OR you can do it a bit differently http://video.google.pl/videoplay?docid=-1110609591733623173

NOTE: This works in the MAC version too! But the prince won't take his sword before opening the gate, so you have to use a slightly different method.

Level 5

There's also a trick (a.k.a. bug) in level 5 that I can't do every time. In fact I can only do it about once for every ten times I try. When you climb up to meet the first guard, immediately press and hold the left key. You'll fall off the edge of the platform, and then start running to the left. You'll enter the room with the entrance door, with the guard following you. Go all the way to the left and turn to face the guard (thereby pulling out your sword). When the guard gets close to you (about to hit you, or already hit you), start backing up, and you can go straight through the gate behind you. Like I said, I can only do it once in about ten tries, so someone let me know if you find a way to do this every time. And if you do, let me know if it actually saves time ...

Video: Recorded by CoNaZ. Downoad: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZQL40CKE
When you see the prince leaves the frame, just continuously click left multiple times really quick. Over and over and keep clicking left, until the screen shows you on the other side of the door.

Something like this happens on level 4 too, not going through gate but falling through floor. There was a guard like here, and the prince was far out to the left like here.

Question: In Level 5, at a certain point, you can go to a room where you can see a potion that will increase the max number of your life points. But when you go through the traps, you open the door and the Mirror Prince comes through it and drinks your potion. I'm just curious if there is a way to get that potion yourself, or if it really is just a waste of time.

Answer: It's impossible... unless you edit the game. Or if you kill the shadow by pressing K in cheats mode.

Question: Shadow on level 5: when the shadow drinks the potion, why don't they get united? See video:

PoP 1 level 5 shadow

Possible Answer: I guess Broderbund didn't think that the player might be able to get the shadow before he gets out... or they wanted to put up an epic fight before merging...

On level 5, get the first guard to follow you back to the beginning and keep moving left (with your sword out) and most times since there is a guard in the next room you will appear behind the gate you couldn't open earlier, causing yourself to save several precious minutes fighting the 2 guards you passed!

In level 5 when you will see the first guard go to him and use the sword. go back down. Guard will be trying to kill you. Go left to 2 next screens. Viola! you will be after these door...

Level 7

In level 7, instead of drinking the feather fall potion, you can climb down the ledge. While this hurts you, and takes a little time, I'm pretty sure it takes less time than falling slowly.

Also, in level 7, you can pass a big part of the level and therefore save a great deal of time through an "exploit" in the game, watch the trick from here! :)


( Normal speed / Slow-motion )

However, with this trick you lose a life.

Note that this was mentioned in a walkthrough written by Eizaz Azhar:

Head right again until you see a potion. Now, here you can induce a glitch. Go down. See that gate on the left? There's a way to get through it without opening it. Here's how: Go to the potion platform. Measure your running jump carefully so that you land exactly on the edge of the floor above the gate. If done correctly, you will save a few minutes of time and pass through the gate, at the expense of one life bullet. You automatically arrive at the next area.

Level 8

On level 8 when the mouse usual comes if you're fast enough you can get through the gate with out needing the mouse's help! Watch the video from here.

Ways of passing the first guard on Level 8

NUMBER 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?2mcz1dqz110
Trick is rather simple: Just do the following: advance, block, advance, block, advance, block, ... eventually you should have switched sides with him. It needs long until you passed him, but it's easy to learn.

NUMBER 2: The classic method: advance, block, advance, attack, block, advance, attack, block until you push him into the spikes.

NUMBER 3: Advance, attack, advance, attack until you take away all his life bottles.

NUMBER 4: Just put away your sword, then he approaches you, and suddenly take out your sword and hit him. He gets hit about 8 times out of 10. Keep using this strategy till he dies.

Simple trick. Check out the video: http://www.savefile.com/files/498360

Level 11

Level 11 is full of strange and funny bugs like leading the first guard onto the quadruple gate closer and him never falling down!

Level 12

In level 12, after the room with the skeleton (that doesn't do anything), climb up, go left, and then climb up again. Then, instead of going to the left, climb up again. Using the sliding trick, take a running jump to the left. I think you'll be surprised when you see where you end up. After grabbing the sword (or not), leave and enter the room again to make the shadow appear.

Defeat Jaffar quickly

This picture shows how to defeat Jaffar quickly by swapping him to the left; therefore throwing him down:


General tips for each level.

Note: * means that there is an energy expander on that level.

Level 1: Your first level is very easy. Get the sword, which is to the left from where you start and then go to the exit which just to the right of where you start. Practice your sword techniques on the guard. Remember to watch for unstable floors.

Level 2 *: Straightforward. Watch out for floor spikes. Beware of the blue potion which will DECREASE your life count. There is an energy expander here so don't forget to get it.

Level 3 *: This will be one of the toughest levels. From where you start, go to the right and climb to the top using the center segment. Now, you must do a jump of faith to the right. You will find that there is a floor when you land. You will also discover a step-block which will open the gate far to the left. There is also a energy expander in the area to the right. When you are ready, jump on the step-block and BURN RUBBER to the left! You will have little time before the door starts to close. Do a running jump over the large hole then one final jump near the door and hang on to that ledge. Hopefully, the door will almost be closed so you can pull yourself up. After that, it is very straightforward. When you confront the "LIVE" skeleton, keep hitting until it falls off the ledge. Then climb down after it and keep hitting it until it falls to it's doom.

Level 4 *: Very straightforward. Watch out for loose floors and be sure to get the energy expander. When you confront the mirror, you will have to execute a run-jump through it. You will pass through but your shadow will come out the other side and will create a lot of trouble for you.

Level 5 *: Straightforward. There is an energy expander here but you will soon find out what will happen to it. You will have to experiment with this level before you can finish it.

Level 6: Straightforward. Beware of the master guard (he is fat) for he will slice you up if you are not good enough. At the end, your shadow will create mischief once more...

Level 7 *: You start out falling so press the button to grab onto the ledge. Continue onto the right until you reach the ledge with a large whole with another ledge far to the right. Climb down the ledge, fall, and grab onto the ledge. Continue to the right. If you can't continue, go back and fall down another ledge for it will lead you to the same place. When you drink the blue potion, the room will turn purple and you will turn green. Run off to the left and you will float slowly down... DO NOT go into the exit because their is an energy expander just to the right.

Level 8: Straightforward but very hard. Be quick but be patient for a friend of the princess will help you.

Level 9 *: If you drink the green potion, your vision will be distorted. To regain normalness, find another blue potion and drink it. Be sure to get the energy expander.

Level 10: You will have to knock out many ceiling and floor blocks.

Level 11 *: Very simple. Be sure to get the energy expander.

Level 12: The last level. I will not provide you hints because it would truly take the fun out of the game. You must use skill, agility, strength, courage, and trust to get past the level.

Your probably stumped on the shadow. Remember, your shadow cannot harm you in anyway. Although it might seem to, it is really the sword that is harming you. Just push the joystick up and you will put away your sword. Your shadow will mimic you of course. Walk into your shadow and you will become one person again. Your shadow is nearly a reflection of yourself and hence will try mimic you. Then you will need to do a jump of faith to the left. Yeah, I know there is nothing there, but trust me. You have to do a running jump and that's the only way to make it.

Continue on and you will do battle with your final opponent, Jaffar... Jaffar is an awesome fighter. In order to beat him, you will need to use the block-strike technique. Also be careful of the fallen board behind you.

Enter the final door and run to the princess.

PoP1 trick list

The trick list of PoP1 DOS: http://popuw.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2924

Trick bootcamps: http://popuw.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1168 | http://popuw.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2801

Others: (MODs) http://popuw.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=7

Manual and other tricks

Other tricks can be found in the walkthroughs page of PoP1 and in the manual ... And check out the Prince of Persia 1 forum and the Prince of Persia Mods forum for more discussion about tips, tricks and hints.

Mystery room

This is the back cover of PoP1: Take a look at the last screen (above: Evade increasingly diabolical deathtraps).




This room is not from the demo level or in any other version.

By the way, the back cover of the German version features a screen from the demo level!


I suspect two possibility. Either that room is still floating around somewhere on of the old versions of the game especially the Sim Coupe version, which nobody has ever made maps of or the room is likely to have been a prototype level done by the graphic designers and programmers for early experiments on how to make a reasonable difficulty for the player and that room must definitely be cancelled and long lost and forgotten. One lead to a clue of this mystery would be to question Mobygames about the cover graphic, they must know something.

And speaking of inaccessible, I wonder why the demo version had to be a made up level instead of two demos extracted from two of the levels, one from the dungeon the other from the palace to give the game that arcade feeling. It might be a spoiler on the other hand and give away the path and the trick to solve the level and anyway most demos of games in general are rubbish because the demo recording player deliberately gets himself killed or loses on purpose after, say a minute or two of recording.

Bugs and glitches

Disappearing Guards

Start the game with cheats-mode on. In the game, press J to look at the right screen of the current one (or H for left screen, etc.) Screen must contain a guard. Now enter this screen, the guard will disappear.

Preview ...


It works with all guards, but not with she shadow on level 6 or 12.

Chompers won't start

There is another bug - if you set the view to room witch chomper and you enter this room, chomper won't start moving.

Transportation to the adjacent screen

Press J or H and run to a wall/open door, when you crash against it you'll be transported to the adjacent screen. This is very useful to pass on walls and doors.

Killing the skeleton using cheats

If you try to kill the skeleton using cheats, it'll just hang the game. This doesn't happen in POP2 because the skeleton in PoP1 hasn't hit points. The ones in PoP2 do have some, except the one on the bridge (which actually has 3, when you look at the map in RS2).

Level 8 blooded chomper


It went bloody after coming back from the room at the left.

Sometimes, the guard got chomped, and then when you go back into the room, he will be gone and you got the picture.

After clearing Stage 1 (using the cracked version 1.0 from BUBBA) the game went nuts and sent me tons of levels ahead! I tried to make some research, it seems to be related somehow to the savefile... (The stage I was on the saved game would affect which level I would fall in...) After I deleted it the issue was immediately solved, but what I really wanted to know is : Is it a known bug ? My version of PoP is corrupt ? It depends on the version of the game ?

This happens many time (from level 4 to level 12b) (2 to level 12) (5 to level 12)

Also, sometimes in PoP1-TP when you exit the entrance room in level 2, it directly switches to level 3.

I was playing the Mac version I was fighting the first guard on level 7, the one in front of the chomper trap, and I knocked him back ALMOST into it but not quite, and he had one life potion left. So the prince put his sword away, and I thought I accidentally pressed down or something, but then I couldn't take it out again. So I walked up to the guard and he just stood there. So I ran right past him, and when I did he turned around. Anyone know what that's all about? Also... when I got back to the screen at the lower part, the guard was still standing there, but he had his 4 or 5 life potions back.

The part with the guard with the potions replenished also applies on the SNES version but in that game it's not an error it's how the creators wanted it to be.

I also came across something very similar a couple of days ago when making new levels. There is no trickery here. He's just not bothered by my presence :)


I found the same glitch with the guard on level 6 of LIONKINGSKHALID's levels in room 16. RoomShaker says he has Skill 6.

The guards on the original level 1 have skill 0 (but RoomShaker calls it Skill 1). If a guard has no hit points, he dies instantly when you enter that room. Look at the image: that guard has 3 hit points.

And if you go into Jaffar screen, he stops for a moment. In this time, if you manage to attack him, he will die immediately instead of losing hit points.

Game completed in two minutes... odd glitch?

However when I went back to do it again (beat my time) it skipped from level 2 to level 12. Upon completing the game, it recorded my time at 2:12 (or 57:48 as recorded in the high scores).

he had directly moved from level 4 to level 12b; you can see "14 MINUTES LEFT". I do believe this was a bug from the game, not from any editor).

So as you can see my first time was done with 17 minutes remaining, and the second time with 58 minutes remaining.

Instead I went from level 6, to Level 11.....

When you hex edit the game, you see the strangest things in the world... for example the mouse is handled as a guard with one life left, so be careful, if it falls it dies... and the fight winning music will play. But there are more funny things.

Major Cheat Error

You have to start with cheat-mode for this.

The trick is that when you die close enough to the wall in the right corner and then press 'r' to live again, you will fall trough the floor and come up in a very weird place. This works best is you die by falling. You have to be jumping at a wall, to get that extra inch closer to the wall that you will need. As far as I know it works in every level. Press shift-w to float and land on the platform. you can walk around a bit. watch out for the memory error, as you can see in the following movie. Jumping to the left will pop up another screen...

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SY0E4F60 Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/?ajmytijx3vy

It happens because the geometry of the level isn't supposed to allow it, but restarting makes you respawn where you died using cheat, which corrupts the geometry.

An exact way to succeed Level 5 trick

I finally found the exact way to succeed the trick in level 5. Unfortunately, It is SO DIFFICULT TO SUCCEED. The accuracy for succeeding of that depends on how efficiently keep pushing ← Key with out missing. If you fail to keep pushing ← key, Prince stop a step for a while and the screen will be changed before the prince pass the gate. You should not make him stop for a while when he is out of the screen. and If you want to succeed that trick most of the time, you should use a key macro program and make it to push ← key every 0.1 second. I tested it. And I seldomly fail. I think it is so hard to do it without any tools.

Guard gets chopped but still lives

You may encounter this bug when playing the mirrored levels. In Level 4, switch sides with that purple guard, push him through the chomper and he lands on the other side, alive. But the chomper was bloody!

Screen goes upside down

In cheat mode, my screen will go upside down for no reason. I have to Ctrl-I to get it back. Anything I can do to stop it from doing this? Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?

Does the screen turn upside down when you press Page Up? If the answer is yes, then this is common problem.

The reason is the same as for the PoP2 IR cheat mode running left bug: the code of Shift-I is 0x49, and the code of Page Up is 0x00 0x49.

EDIT: This bug is fixed in DosBox 0.71!

Guard flying

When you drink the green potion (in doomy's mod: Toothpaste levelset's level 2), when the guards falls of the ledge, you and guard are flying.


SOT-T2T: Classic Referance

If you pay attention, you may notice stuff and places from the classic POP 1 and 2.

The mountains you see at the docks in POP2 are the same Mountain sides where the Prince and Kaileena arrived at Babylon.

The Swords that the enemies have at the very beginning of the game actually refers to the swords in POP2.

The Prince's father sword refers to the father sword in the ruins at POP2. That explains that the prince in the classic and the prince in Sands of Time Trilogy are actually related and the sword is a family weapon past to the next king.

Might be the eagle sword or the last sword you find in Sands of Time is the weapon the prince starts with in POP2.

The Scene where the Vizier captured Farah and destroyed the bridge which sends the prince to the bottom of the castle refers to the scene where the prince's shadow locks the gate and the prince falls into the next level in POP1.

The top tower spot where you face Super Sand Vizier in Two Thrones is the same dual tower spot where you fight Jaffar in the classic POP1 SNES version.

In the Sands of Time, when the prince falls into the dugeon and the stone lands on him, this is anouther reference to level 7 of the classic Prince of Persia.

Prince of Persia Magazine Scans

Check out the magazines.html page. This page contains hundreds of magazines scans concerning Prince of Persia 1 and 2. You can find many maps, cheats, walkthroughs, hints, etc. for the games.