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2020-06-21 Added Prince of Persia 3D Brazilian Portuguese version (thanks to Andre C. Campos). Click here.

2020-04-24 Check out Mini Prince - a new MS-DOS fan-made platformer by Anne Bras. A stripped down version of Prince of Persia 1 to its bare minimum featuring a one whole level, full ASCII action, a 104x80 resolution, sword fighting, and sound.

2020-04-24 Check out Karlgamer's speedrun of PoP 1 beating the world record (game completed in 14:07). Click here.

2020-02-08 Play PoP 1 NES and PoP 2 SNES online at MyEmulator.Online.

2020-02-05 Added a new poster for Prince of Persia 1 (thanks to Guido Rizzo Cavadi). Click here.

2020-01-01 Added tutorial for fixing upside down textures in Prince of Persia 3D (thanks to Elojah). Click here.

2020-01-01 An improved translation for Prince of Persia 3D Spanish game menu has been released by Elojah. Click here.

2020-01-01 Updated Prince of Persia: The Great Escape Android App download link. Click here.

2020-01-01 New video walkthrough for Prince of Persia: The Great Escape has been released by Youran Tumayel. Click here.

2020-01-01 Added Khushal Sharma and Raman Viswanathan video walkthroughs for Prince of Persia: The Great Escape. Click here.

2020-01-01 Prince of Persia 2 Genesis Remastered Edition 1.5 has been released. Click here.